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Fully Monetize
your Email Userbase

OX Userbase Monetization helps you leverage your communications strategy and grow your business by maintaining meaningful conversations with your customers.

Our three unique products cover your entire email userbase. From webmail (OX App Suite) through IMAP mail clients ( i.e. AppleMail, Android Mail and MS Outlook) up to POP3 email users — we have you covered 100%.

Boost your marketing strategy with OX Monetization, whether by displaying highly targeted advertising, upselling premium features to your users or driving customers to other corners of your portfolio with our patented IMAP injection technology.

Our dedicated Monetization team is here to help you take your user communication strategy to the next level.

OX Display

OX Display turns OX App Suite into a publishing channel for display advertising using advertising spaces. Banner ads can be displayed in various OX App Suite locations in the product’s user interface. Optimized targeting ensures that you receive higher cost per thousand views (eCPM) and makes significant monetization per active mail account achievable. These features make OX Display the perfect tool to monetize your webmail solution.

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OX Upsell 

OX Upsell supports your paid-services strategy for OX App Suite through up- and cross-selling to your users. It enhances OX App Suite with built-in and customizable predefined triggers in prime locations. Convenient triggers promote cross- and up-selling opportunities to paid solutions, premium features and additional value-added-services (VAS)—either stand-alone or as packages. When triggered, OX Upsell presents a fully customizable and context-sensitive layer that lets the user instantly make a purchase.

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OX Engage

OX Engage allows you to place any kind of message into the inbox of your users, i.e. newsletters, ads, third-party and retargeting messages, alerts, etc. It displays emails in your customers’ inboxes using our patented (US9531785B1) IMAP injection solution, thereby allowing you to monetize users irrespective of their preferred email client. Whether they use webmail, desktop clients or mobile apps, your users will receive your email communication on all devices. This advanced campaign management tool reaches your users while they are engaged and increases your revenue potential.

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An Active User Base

A customer base with many active users is always necessary for display advertising, in-app up- and cross-selling, IMAP injection, or whatever monetization strategy your business model requires. Our Monetization and Customer Success consultants support you with best practices, market know-how and individual campaigns to onboard and activate users, letting you leverage the full potential of our monetization tools.

Boost Performance

OX Monetization solutions come with performance tools that measure the results of your campaigns. Those tools allow you to compare alternative monetization forms and identify the most effective approach. In addition, our team can support you with performance analyses based on the collected data. We want to help you get the most out of our solutions!

Benefit from Our Experts and Partners

Open-Xchange provides you with the tools to monetize OX email and productivity solutions. Of course, OX experts are available to support your implementation and operation of our products. On top of that, we have partnered with a network of experts to offer you the services you need to successfully leverage our monetization tools. Reach out to us and find out how we can support your individual challenges.

in a Nutshell

Open-Xchange is committed to support our customers Go-to-Market efforts. Monetization has always been an important part of this mix. The OX Monetization team helps you leverage your monetization strategy using cutting edge marketing solutions that will help you grow your business with value-added services and three tools: OX Display, OX Upsell and OX Engage.

Contact us for detailed information and questions about our Monetization services and how they can support your project.

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