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The Open-Xchange wiki (AKA OXpedia) contains everything you ever wanted to know about OX Cloud, OX App Suite, Dovecot Pro and PowerDNS.

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OX App Suite v8

OX App Suite Software Subscription v8 is the latest generation of Open-Xchange's self-hosted email platform for email providers. This generation comes with significant user interface updates, and has been containerized for use in a Kubernetes cluster. These clusters can now deliver advanced orchestration, smoother operations, and many new features that are only available on this architecture. 

OX App Suite v7

OX App Suite is a modular platform designed to deliver a wide range of cloud based services such as email, cloud storage, file sharing, document editing, collaboration and more.

Dovecot Pro

Dovecot Pro is a highly reliable, scalable and supported IMAP server solution, designed for businesses that depend on email.


PowerDNS is a complete DNS platform for domain hosters and ISPs. It delivers high performance DNS resolution for both authoritative and recursive infrastructures.

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