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Open-Xchange products continue to be enhanced and further developed. Existing applications continue to evolve with new features added each release.

This page provides an overview of the key updates in the latest product versions below.

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Messaging and Communication

OX App Suite v7.10.6

This easy to use communication and collaboration solution is now available as version 7.10.6. The new version of OX App Suite includes the following:

  • Description (1) New Address Book Picker and Search

  • Description (1) Cross Context OX Calendar Sharing

  • Description (1) Introduced Functional (Shared) Mailboxes

  • Description (1) OX Mail On-behalf Management

  • Description (1) Automatic Processing of Scheduling Mails

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OX App Suite
New features with v7.10.6
  • New Address Book Picker and Search
    A new address book search and contact picker for large organizations using an LDAP directory. Search for contacts across all departments (cross context and with configurable LDAP search filters).
  • Cross Context OX Calendar Sharing
    As users can share personal and public calendars outside their contexts, the creation of appointments and free/busy now supports participants from other contexts.
  • Introduction of Functional (Shared) Mailboxes
    OX App Suite v7.10.6. now lets users subscribe to, and use, centrally managed functional mailboxes. These functional mailboxes are easy to subscribe to and can be shared amongst other users in the same context.
  • OX Mail On-behalf of Management
    In some situations, a user may wish to delegate management of their email and calendar functions to another user. For this reason, Open-Xchange has introduced a completely new concept to work ‘on-behalf’ of another users, for mail and calendar.
  • Automatic Processing of Scheduling Mails
    Calendar invitations received via email are now automatically processed and saved as soon as an invite email arrives in a users inbox. Now, new appointments, updates, cancellations, or replies from participants will directly appear in the user’s calendars.

Feature Overview

Dovecot Pro v2.3.20

With more than 76% market share, Dovecot Pro is the world’s market-leading IMAP server. Dovecot Pro 2.3.20 includes the following:

  • Description (1) Chronos Push Notification Plugin

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Dovecot Pro
New features with v2.3.20
  • Chronos Push Notification Plugin
    The Chronos notification backend was added and supports sending notifications on MessageNew events if the message contains a calendar invite. It is designed for use with the OX App Suite iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) but can be used by any endpoint that implements the same API.

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Storage and collaboration

OX Documents v7.10.6

OX Documents has always been a compelling feature that attracts customers to OX App Suite.

  • Description (1) With this new release, Open-Xchange integrates OX Documents closely with the new OX App Suite v7.10.6 features.

OX Drive for Apple iOS

This new OX Drive app, from Open-Xchange, makes all your OX Drive content available in Apple's native Files app.

  • Description (1) OX Drive is the file storage and management part of Open-Xchange's OX App Suite.

  • Description (1) This new OX Drive app enhances OX Drive by making all your OX Drive content available within your Apple mobile device’s Files app.

  • Description (1) Please note that this only works in conjunction with OX App Suite v7.10.6

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018aassc drive
OX Drive App for Apple iOS

  • Use Apple's native Files app to browse and organize your OX Drive content
  • Drag and Drop files from other apps, or storage locations, into OX Drive and vice versa
  • Compress your files to save storage space
  • Scan documents and directly upload them
  • Edit files with other supported apps and save the new versions directly in OX Drive
  • Create sharing links with an expiration date and/or a password for added security

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018aassc drive


Email and Network Protection

OX Guard v2.10.7

With this new release, Open-Xchange integrates OX Guard even more closely with OX App Suite v7.10.6. Enhancements to OX Guard in this release include:

  • Description (1) As of OX Guard v2.10.7, S/Mime has been added as an encryption mechanism.

OX Abuse Shield v2.8

OX Abuse Shield provides abuse-prevention for Webmail, POP, and IMAP. It is integrated with both OX App Suite and OX Dovecot Pro to prevent login and authentication abuse as well as protecting against brute-force attacks. OX Abuse Shield release v2.8 includes:

  • Description (1) Support ELK 7.x Stack

  • Description (1) Support Date Expansion in WebHook URLs

  • Description (1) Enable IP and Login substitution in blocklist return messages

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OX Abuse Shield
New features with v2.8
  • Add config option to disable password for /metrics endpoint
  • Support redis usernames and passwords for redis authentication
  • Support hostnames for redis configuration in addition to IP addresses

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PowerDNS Protect v2.0

PowerDNS Protect secures your subscribers, their families, businesses and all connected devices from malware, phishing and other harmful online content. Users are able to filter inappropriate content for different profiles and control access during specific times.

  • Description (1) Security Dashboard for Users

  • Description (1) Enhanced Notifications and Event Aggregation

  • Description (1) Homework Time

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PowerDNS Protect
New features with v2.0
  • Security Dashboard for Users
    PowerDNS Protect 2.0 comes with a security dashboard that allows users to view reports that show the security status of their network and the connected devices. It informs about blocked attempts to access filtered content, potentially malware-infected devices, and more. Security reports can be viewed over a time period ranging from one to thirty days.
  • Enhanced Notifications and Event Aggregation
    The new version provides a simpler way of displaying, consolidating, and acting on real-time notifications about events such as attempts to visit blacklisted webpages, blocked phishing attacks, and more.
  • Homework Time
    Homework time provides a feature whereby a more restrictive set of filtering rules can be applied during certain times, for example, to support children doing their homework and removing distractions such as messaging apps or video streaming. This can be done on a per-profile basis so different family members can have different homework times and settings.

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