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Brand Style Guide

The Dovecot brand is well known and for this reason we have published the following summary of the Brand Style Guide to help keep it safe. This short summary should be referred to by anyone working with any Dovecot Corporate Design elements in any medium.

The following sections briefly describe how to use branding features such as the Dovecot logo and colors. If, after reading this, you still have questions then please feel free to contact Open-Xchange Marketing for more information or help.

Dovecot Logo with Open-Xchange Modifier

The Dovecot logo usually appears with a modifier "AN OX COMPANY". The position of this claim can be to the right; to the left or underneath the logo depending on its placement. Here are some examples:

  • When placing the logo on the right, the logo modifier "AN OX COMPANY" is positioned to the left, in front of the logo.

  • When placing the logo on the left the modifier "AN OX COMPANY" is positioned to the right of the logo.

  • The modifier "AN OX COMPANY" appears always in Dovecot Blue (see color palette below) regardless of the background color.
    Exception: If the logo is monochrome it appears either in white negative or positive black.

  • The logo has a protected area around it. This is an absolute minimum distance from the Dovecot logo to other elements that must be maintained. See the hatched area in the diagram below.

  • The basic proportion of the logo is 50/26 for the stacked version and 90/20 for both of the horizontal versions. It is strongly recommended to use the logos that have made available in the downloadable package.

Dovecot Corporate Colors

Colors make things stand out but precision defines a brand.

Dovecot has a small color palette of only four colors. The following section describes each color and outlines how the color is to be used. Please read carefully before using the colors ‘randomly’.


  • Dovecot Blue is used for the “Dovecot Roofs“ as well as for the modifier “AN OX COMPANY“ on any background.
    Exception: If the logo is monochrome (in white negative or positive black).
  • Dovecot Dark Blue is used for backgrounds such as the bar on the website

    Dovecot Blue
    RGB 75-155-215
    # 4b9bd7
    CMYK 70-20-0-0
    Pantone 2925

    Note: not identical to any OX Blue

    RGB 0-0-0-0
    # 000000
    CMYK 0-0-0-100
    Pantone Process black

    Dovecot Dark Blue
    RGB 5-45-75
    # 052d4b
    CMYK 100-80-40-40
    Pantone 533

    Note: identical to OX Dark Blue

    RGB 255-255-255
    # ffffff
    CMYK 0-0-0-0

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