OX AI in Your Inbox

Imagine having an email system that can summarize incoming emails, and even help you reply to them?
Imagine no longer, see what OX AI can do for you and your customers…

Great benefits for your users and even more for you:

  • OX AI generates high quality emails.

  • OX AI provides inspiration on demand.

  • Excellent value-add feature with high upsell potential.

  • Reduce migration and onboarding churn with OX AI.

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Why Your Users Will Love OX AI

Email Summary

Imagine a user gets a long email. Their instinct is to either skim it or leave for later. This ‘workflow’ can lead to bad issues. Now imagine that user has OX AI in their Inbox. At the click of a button, they get a summary of that long email and they can act accordingly without delay.

In short OX AI helps users:

  • To not be put off by long emails.

  • To become more efficient with their emails.

  • To make sure that nothing is ever missed.

Quick Reply

Imagine a user is under pressure to reply to an email. Their only option is to reply fast, and often without the care needed. Now imagine that user has OX AI in their Inbox. At the click of a button, they can get OX AI to write a reply on their behalf.

OX AI will:

  • Generate a high quality and well written reply.
  • Let users edit the generated reply, or simply send it as is.
  • Respond in a timely manner with little effort.

Custom Replies

A user has a specific reply in mind and needs help to produce a response quickly. With OX AI in their Inbox all they need is a couple of clicks and the OX AI guides them to generate a reply based on the style, tone, and length that the user selects.

In short OX AI helps users:

  • Generate a custom reply based on style, tone, and length.

  • Select formal, neutral, or informal styles to reply.

  • Select excited, friendly, positive, neutral, rejecting, disappointed tones to reply.

  • Select short, medium, or long length to reply.

Email Becomes the Channel of Choice

In the past the choice to use messaging or email often came down to personal choice. OX AI makes email the channel of choice for professional communication.

  • High quality.

  • Present a professional impression.

  • Generate great emails under pressure.


The Business Benefits of OX AI

Reduce 'Change-Driven' Churn

  • Onboarding Churn can be a concern unless you have compelling features for users. OX AI is a hook to reduce churn and to improve onboarding effectiveness.

  • Migration Churn is where users are resistant to change. By incorporating exciting new features like OX AI, migration churn can be reduced.

Increase End-User Activation

  • Activation of inactive users is always a challenge and usually involves targeted marketing/telesales campaigns.

  • Adding OX AI to a campaign is an additional incentive for inactive users to give email another try.

Driving Revenue with OX AI

  • OX AI is only available through the web UI on desktops and mobile devices delivering a range of user benefits.

  • It is frequently used to drive usage of the Web UI. Increasing web UI usage therefore has a direct impact on upsell revenue.

Meeting the Legal Challenges

  • AI can be a political and legal minefield.

  • Open-Xchange is working actively to meet these evolving challenges.

  • Talk to us to see how we can work together to address your specific needs.

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Why Working with AI Experts Makes Sense

Open-Xchange Delivers the Complete Solution

  • OX AI is fully integrated into the web UI.

  • Uses world-leading AI engines.

  • We work with you to deliver an ideal AI experience to your users.

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