OX Abuse Shield

Protection Against Login Abuse

OX Abuse Shield protects against threats in internet-connection authentication systems, including portals, webmail, IMAP and POP, SMTP and any other protocol. It comes with numerous features and integration options to provide reliable security and extend existing protections for authentication abuse, including anti-brute-force, compromised account detection and suspicious login detection. Because OX Abuse Shield is based on a scriptable policy engine, it provides complete flexibility to adapt to individual needs and regulations.

Authentication Abuse Protection for Users and Operators

  • Protection for Web Applications including Webmail, IMAP, POP and SMTP
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  • A wide feature set forcomprehensive security
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  • Customizationfor individual policies
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OX Abuse Shield Datasheet

Download the OX Abuse Shield datasheet for more information.

Download Datasheet

Abuse Protection Meets Webmail

OX Abuse Shield offers a single system for handling abuse and provides protection for Web applications, including webmail, IMAP, POP and SMTP. Both OX App Suite and OX Dovecot Pro include connectors by default to OX Abuse Shield, to protect against login and authentication abuse, brute force attacks, compromised accounts and suspicious logins. In addition, it also enforces common authentication and authorization policies across multiple authentication endpoints and protocols, to protect against abuse using a unified view across all connected platforms.


Comprehensive Feature Set

To ensure complete protection, OX Abuse Shield features include DNS lookup, native GeoIP support, ratelimiting and tarpitting. Email alerts can be sent to end-users, webhooks and abuse and operations teams when logins are detected as suspicious due to anomalies from previous logins. A flexible in-memory statistics database provides abuse statistics, dashboards and integration with customer authentication and authorization systems using the open HTTP REST API.


Customization is the Key

OX Abuse Shield comes with default policies to protect against brute force attacks. For even more sophisticated protection, Open-Xchange can provide customized Lua scripts that handle a wide variety of abuse scenarios as well as implementing customer-specific features and policies.


OX Abuse Shield in a Nutshell

Many service providers already have protections in place for SMTP abuse. OX Abuse Shield extends this shelter by providing a single solution that handles web applications, IMAP, POP and SMTP abuse. It comes with a wide feature set including brute-force password detection, ratelimiting, GeoIP restrictions, limiting abusive behavior, detecting compromised accounts and suspicious logins. Statistics and Kibana reports are available to provide insights on the abuse and protection performance. In addition, OX Abuse Shield is very flexible and can be customized to meet your specific requirements and policies.

Your users deserve the highest level of security against sophisticated protocol system abuse. OX Abuse Shield provides the solution and delivers reliable protection that defeats authorization threats.

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