As a working student, you can start your career at Open-Xchange after graduation and take on responsibility from the very first day. In the meantime, you will gain practical experience and apply the theories you learned during your studies. Working in an agile/scrum environment, you will explore the different Open-Xchange teams and areas of expertise, thus identifying your own interests and strengths. At Open-Xchange, employees, working students and interns all collaborate on projects, allowing you to learn from our many experts in different specialized fields.

We offer students:

  • DescriptionInternships to build the foundation of your future career
  • DescriptionLong-term employment as a working student
  • DescriptionAssistance and supervision with theses and student projects with the aim of identifying and developing young talent to join us full-time after graduation
  • DescriptionMany of our current employees started out as working students

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We believe that diversity is one of the keys to our success, which is why we have united people from all over the world to work together and achieve great things. Our people come from different places, from different walks of life, but we all share a common goal: to make a difference.

Because we have offices around the globe, you can join interesting, talented people practically anywhere the world.

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Your Career at Open-Xchange

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Who We Are


Founded in 2005 by Rafael Laguna, Frank Hoberg and Martin Kauss in Olpe and Nuremberg, Open-Xchange started to build highly scalable Software-as-a-Service email and collaboration products. Today, 14 years later, Open-Xchange has more than 270 employees in fourteen offices around the globe. Trend: upwards!

Our Vision

Since Open-Xchange was founded, the philosophy driving the company has been clear:

A borderless internet that is open, safe and free.

Based on this approach, we continue to evolve products and services with a proven record in agile software development.

Our Mission

Create competitive products that allow providers to deliver secure internet services with a great user experience that respect privacy and generate superior margins.

Create open platforms that users prefer over the monopolistic platforms that concentrate power and lock them in.

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How we work


We believe in people. We can’t say that enough. Our products are only as good as the people who develop them and bring them to market. Without our employees, we would not be who we are. That’s why we focus on human beings and invest in the very spot where our heart beats.


Our passion motivates us. Whatever we do here at Open-Xchange, we do it with fun and conviction. We work hard, we have fun, and we get up every morning committed to making the (online) world a bit better for our children and our grandchildren.


We are all about the moonshot. We constantly wonder what we can do better, what other paths we can follow and what each one of us can contribute to achieve breakthrough results. So go ahead, shoot for the moon. We dare you!

Our Stories


"It is the smart people who spend their lifetime trying to keep the internet open, because that is the mission we are on. We at Open-Xchange want to make sure that it is a great future that we leave behind for our children by making sure that the internet remains this great, vital, open place that it started out to be."

Rafael Laguna,
  Former CEO of Open-Xchange,
  Managing Director of SprinD


"The culture, which developed over the past twenty years, is very, very unique. When we brought in people, we always gave them the freedom to be themselves, to live their style, to do things they want to do, because we need creative people here."

- Frank Hoberg,
  Co-Founder and ESVP Sales


"It is really like a familiy. It is great to work with people from all over the globe. You get to work with some of the largest customers around the world. We have a lot of fun, we work hard and we play hard."

- Bob Krulcik,
  SVP Sales America

Working Students at Open-Xchange

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