Demo System for our New Customers

If you want a permanent account, get a full demonstration of the system or to talk about pricing please contact your Open-Xchange contact (or here).  

Please take care:
This demo system is provided as a test system only and it not to be used in production or as a working set of accounts. Open-Xchange takes no responsibility for the reliability or availability of this system. Open-Xchange takes no responsibility for the data held in this system, which may be removed at any time without notice.


Description (1) Success!


This demo system has just been created exclusively for you and only for the next hour. After the hour, for your privacy, this account will be deleted. Also note that it is not possible to send emails outside the demonstration environment, but you can send emails between demonstration users. 

If you then request a new account, it will be regenerated from scratch again as before.

Use this page to login to the following user account. The account has already been populated with demonstration data. Feel free to do whatever you like with these accounts, even delete the whole lot. After the accounts timeout they will be deleted anyway. If you then request a new account, it will be regenerated as before.

The following account is fully featured, and you can try out the following:

  • Business Class Email - Note you cannot send emails externally
  • Email Security & Encryption
  • Business Calendar
  • Advanced Cloud Storage
  • The Document Editors: Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation
(Full Feature)

See how a Premium account
could look like:

Access to all modules
OX Drive
OX Documents
OX Guard#

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(Email Essentials)

See how an essential OX App Suite Cloud user could look like:

Email, Contacts, Calendar
OX Drive
OX Documents
OX Guard

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It’s not you, it’s us

It has not been possible to connect you to our demo system!

This is because we have a limited number of accounts and at the moment a lot of interest in the system. Once these accounts become free you will be able to try out OX App Suite Cloud.

Our recommendation is to come back in a few hours time or leave your details below and we will send you the demo link as soon as it is available.