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Secure and Engaging Email
Trusted messaging and communication

Email is the foundation of online communication. More than 269 billion emails are sent every day. Email usage continues to grow worldwide, and so does email market revenue. Email is an important part of your users’ digital life. Why not provide them with a unique email experience?

OX App Suite, Open-Xchange’s white-labeled email solution, combines webmail with contacts, calendar, tasks and a personal dashboard. It equips users with a fast and robust tool that comes with everything they need to organize daily webmail activities: online, offline and on their mobile device.

How Users Benefit from OX Messaging Products

Secure Webmail Secure Webmail
Efficient contact management Managing Contacts
Intuitive scheduling Intuitive Scheduling
Getting things done Getting Things Done
Quick overview Quick Overview
On the move On The Move
Superior IMAP Superior IMAP




Your users expect a fast, robust, secure email solution with an appealing design and great usability. This is exactly what OX Mail provides. The browser-based solution comes with all the features users need, including a comprehensive editor to compose, reply or forward emails; a tabbed inbox to organize received emails; different views and layouts; different encryption options to communicate securely; and much more. With OX Mail, you are providing more than just the standard webmail experience.




Users want to create, save and synchronize their contacts across all devices to keep their address book up to date. OX Contacts delivers exactly this. The easy-to-use address book and organization tool helps users to efficiently manage contacts. Its clean and modern design is focused on creating, managing, and delivering contact information with ease and without any unnecessary complexity.




OX Calendar provides all your users' need for easy and intuitive schedule management. They can manage events and appointments with either one calendar or several separate ones. In addition to a personal schedule, public calendars are available for organizing social groups, teams at work, and more. Calendars can also be shared with others, with full control of who gets which access rights.




OX Tasks is OX App Suite’s “to-do” list. It lets users handle day-to-day and long-term tasks, and makes sure they get done. Creating new tasks and updating existing ones are as easy as can be. A task form with just two fields lets users create simple “to-do” items. When more details are needed, more functions are available so that even more complex, long-term projects can be managed easily.




OX Portal is a personal dashboard for OX App Suite. The portal gives users an overview of all the important information in OX App Suite. For example, it presents latest emails, upcoming birthdays, and open “to-do” items. In addition, users can subscribe to individual news feeds and providers can also customize the portal to place relevant content for their users.




OX mobile apps let users manage their emails, access and share their uploaded documents and pictures, and synchronize their calendars, contacts and tasks with native apps for iOS and Android, as well as clients for Windows PCs and Macs. All apps are designed to be easy to use, easy to understand and easy to install.

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The OX webmail solution is based on the world’s market-leading OX Dovecot Pro IMAP server. OX Dovecot Pro delivers high performance and provides various security options throughout the product. Its architecture offers maximum flexibility and scales up and out to hundreds of servers and millions of users.

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How Providers Benefit from OX Messaging Products

Your brand Your Brand
Monetizing Email Monetizing Email
Active Users Active Users




OX App Suite is a white-labeled email solution. All browser-based modules as well as mobile apps and desktop clients can be branded your way. Your logo, your colors, and your consistent brand experience. OX App Suite is your chance to offer the email services and benefits that your users associate with your brand.




Our business model complements your monetization strategy. Whether you decide to bundle OX App Suite with other solutions or offer freemium and premium upsell plans, OX App Suite integrates smoothly into your package. You can also make use of our advertising options displaying non-intrusive yet effective email-specific ads through web and mobile UI as well as mobile apps and desktop clients.




As a vendor of white-labeled communication and collaboration products, we understand service providers’ needs. This is why our applications are attractively designed to maximize user engagement. With intuitive onboarding features and continuous usability improvements, users are encouraged to stay in the OX App Suite environment. In addition, Open-Xchange can support providers to provide specific user activation, and (re)engagement activities.

Delivery Options

Hosted by Open-Xchange

You can choose to host your version of OX App Suite yourself or let us do the work for you. OX Cloud is a highly scalable, fully managed and hosted delivery platform for OX App Suite. Open-Xchange applies product updates, patches and new releases, reducing the load on your IT staff.

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Your In-House Installation

OX products can also be deployed as part of your infrastructure. They integrate flexibly into your existing environment, letting you keep full control over the installation and customer data. A dedicated Open-Xchange team is available to assist you with professional services, consultancy and support to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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