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Dec 05


OX Engage takes email marketing one step beyond

By Florian Steps, Director of Monetization at Open-Xchange

With the releases of OX Display and OX Upsell, we launched two-thirds of the products which we promised you as part of our new monetization offering. Today we are very happy to announce that we are completing the picture: Open-Xchange releases OX Engage.

OX Engage is an advanced campaign management tool which allows you to place several kinds of messages into the 1st position of your users’ inboxes, i.e. newsletters, ads, retargeting messages, alerts and more. Based on patented mail injection technology (patent US9531785B1) and Dovecot Pro mail server, this is real time email marketing at its best and lifts your customer campaigns to the next level of intelligent marketing communication. 

OX Engage does not publish ad mails, newsletters and more by sending regular emails. It injects an email into your users’ inboxes on the IMAP level. This means that those mails are available on every browser-based webmail, desktop client and mobile app, letting you monetize users regardless of their preferred email solution. This of course also includes displaying emails in the OX App Suite web interface and the OX Mail app. In addition, it ensures that your messages reach your users when they are engaged with their emails, because the message always appears at the top of their inbox and bypasses server-side spam filtering. Delivery is guaranteed, as is the ability to reach more of your customers and increase revenue potential.

OX Engage lets you control and manage your campaigns through one convenient dashboard. It allows scheduling of one-time messages with ease, setting up recurring campaigns, and running simultaneous split-testing with up to ten versions of a single campaign based on subject line, email body, segment, delivery vendor and more. Real-time stats let you know the results of your campaign and what performs best. Because of our open API’s, it is possible to fully integrate your preferred DMP, backend CRM or data warehouse to our frontend in order to easily update lists, schedule campaigns, review statistics and more.

Of course, this brand-new technology can also be used to reach specific users based on their individual needs. It gives you a tool to welcome new subscribers, reactivate your passive users, upsell customers to premium plans, recirculate your users to other products, or simply point them to your daily deals and special offers.

In addition, make use of OX Engage to meet non-advertising goals: send regular newsletters, inform about contract notifications, or shoot highly important public alerts and notes to your customers. Discover the many ways you can use OX Engage to connect with your customers.

Please reach out to your account manager or contact us if you wish to learn more about OX Engage!

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