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We understand that integrating a new product can be challenging. Our team of experts will help you navigate the onboarding process and guide you through our proven, best-possible go-to-market strategies. We will work with you to make the process seamlessly flow with your day-to-day, providing you with the tools, resources, strategies, and best practices that you need for optimal success.

Choose your level of service - from an introduction that gives you the tools you need for hands-on implementation, to a partnered approach creating a fully customized launch, to our premium white glove service where we take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

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To view some examples of the work we've done with our customers, visit our Customer Examples page.


Customer Examples

Engaging with Customer Success

Reasons why working with OX Customer Success is crucial for your success with OX products!

Partners & Users

Moving to new software takes a lot
of effort. It is important for Open-Xchange to make sure that our partners and their users have the best possible experience while collaborating with us to market or use our products.


Guidance & Active Support

Going to market with a new product is a challenge as is. Daily business often interferes. The OX Customer Success team is specialized in what it takes to have the best possible go-to-market with OX products. A successful market entry will shape the long-term success with any product.

Growth Hacking

Unlocking your full growth potential

OX products are revenue generators. The OX Customer Success team is experienced in helping customers put into place the right strategy and tactics necessary to have the most impact on your bottom line.

Contact us for detailed information and questions about how the Customer Success team can support your project.


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Customer Success Engagement Models

We provide outstanding planning, implementation, and aftercare with service packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

Introduction: A Hands-On Approach

To take the most hands-on approach to your go-to-market plan. The OX Customer Success team will provide you with strategies, templates, and best practices to help you run a successful product launch.

Consulting: A Hand-in-Hand Project

For hand-in-hand support for your project. We will partner with you, both onsite and remotely, to actively develop go-to-market strategies and collateral fully customized for your business. The OX Customer Success team will provide training across your organization.

Full Service: White Glove Treatment

For premium, worry-free white glove service providing fully active, agency-level support. We will provide turn-key solutions for your go-to-market, ongoing user engagement and will be your long-term partner helping you achieve your KPI's and business objectives.

Market Research: Know Your Market

Either as a stand-alone service or in concert with our white glove full service engagement model. We will work with you to formulate and execute a customized research project that analyzes your desired outcomes and helps you strategize your product development, business models, and user management.

Customer Success
in a Nutshell

The OX Customer Success team will partner with you on key initiatives to ensure your long-term success. We begin by introducing OX products and fully onboarding your marketing, sales, customer care and product management teams, ensuring that you get up to speed quickly in order to accelerate your speed to market. We will help integrate your teams to ensure that all are working together, focusing on the same goals, milestones, and deliverables. We partner with you end-to-end, helping build your growth hacking strategies focused on acquisition, retention, recommendation and revenue. The OX Customer Success team will help you identify opportunities, prioritize projects, design programs, develop growth strategies and promotional campaigns, oversee execution, and analyze your results.

To view some examples of the work we've done with our customers, visit our Customer Examples page.

Customer Examples

Contact us for detailed information and questions about our Customer Success services and how they can support your project.
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