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For a Fast and Safe Internet Experience

DNS acts as the global address book of the internet and requires outstanding performance. Providing a highly-efficient, low-latency DNS caching service is critical for subscribers’ internet experience. OX PowerDNS delivers exactly this - a faster, safer and more secure internet.

A Fast and Safe Internet Experience

  • Provide your subscribers with the best internet experience
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  • DNS based security for Operators and Subscribers
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  • Professional Services and Support know-how
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OX PowerDNS Datasheet

Download the OX PowerDNS datasheet for more information.

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Provide Your Subscribers with the Best Internet Experience

OX PowerDNS Recursor provides rapid DNS resolving for fixed and mobile internet subscribers. It is the ideal solution to boost your subscribers’ browsing experience and serve their IoT devices with the rapid connectivity they need. It comes with the latest DNS security features to protect against malware, phishing and malicious traffic, and to secure operators against DDoS and other attacks. Find out how OX PowerDNS Recursor can be combined with OX Protect to offer child-friendly internet and provide family protection options, as well as open additional business opportunities with value-added services.

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Versatile Authoritative Nameserver

With OX PowerDNS Authoritative Server, Open-Xchange offers a versatile, efficient authoritative solution. It scales to millions of domains per server and is therefore the default choice for very large-scale hosting deployments. The world’s largest domain hosters use our leading DNSSEC implementation for its flexibility and scalability to millions of domains per server. On top of this, OX PowerDNS Authoritative Server provides geographical load balancing, automated reporting, and statistics, and comes with Zonecontrol, our web interface for managing domain names.

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DNS-Based Security for Operators and Subscribers

An increase in malware attacks drives the need for additional security layers. OX PowerDNS comes with dynamic protection against subscriber-originated issues, runaway traffic from high-bandwidth customers and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The platform analyzes incoming DNS traffic for suspicious patterns and selectively blocks when certain thresholds are broken. In addition, OX Protect safeguards your subscribers by providing safe browsing and protection for all their connected IoT devices.

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Professional Services and Support Know-how

More than 150,000 deployed instances and 150 million users are already served by PowerDNS. This know-how is available from Open-Xchange and PowerDNS experts who provide 24/7 support and additional services to ensure efficient implementation and smooth administration. Additionally, PowerDNS benefits from a large Open Source community that actively engages in improving and optimizing the product. This also contributes to the expertise of Open-Xchange and OX PowerDNS and ensures that we are always ahead of new DNS trends and threats.

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OX PowerDNS in a Nutshell

OX PowerDNS provides everything required to meet the needs of all parties involved in a DNS request. OX PowerDNS Recursor lets service providers resolve and balance DNS requests rapidly. Hosters can provide DNS record hosting with OX PowerDNS Authoritative Server and offer a high performing recursive request responses to domain customers.

While delivering market-leading performance, all OX PowerDNS solutions come with protection and security features included. Our tools safeguard subscribers, enable risk-free internet browsing experiences, protect IoT devices from connecting to malicious domains, and secure operators from DDoS and other attacks. OX PowerDNS even lets you monetize value-added security services based on DNS, such as the family protection solution OX Protect.