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Create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations with OX Documents. OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation power up office capabilities for private and small business users. Bring your ideas to life, collaborate with others in real-time and share the results to produce outstanding documents.


Easy collaboration

  • Online creation and editing of text documents,
    spreadsheets and presentations
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  • Real-time collaboration with other users
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  • Share documents and present slides remotely
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The online office suite

OX Documents allows users to edit and create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, complete with real-time collaboration features, versioning, and permission management. Fully integrated with OX Drive, OX Documents offers a comprehensive solution for small business and consumers alike. Whether making quick fixes or creating complex documents from scratch, OX Documents provides users with the flexibility they need.

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Broad functionality, reduced complexity

A fully-featured, intuitive user interface with an appealing design, OX Documents focuses on the features that small business and consumers need. It works well with other office applications letting users keep the original format of their documents and collaborate across environments (patent US10402482). Users can create their own templates, or work with existing ones to make their lives even easier.

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Simplified teamwork, enhanced productivity

OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation support real-time collaboration, which means users can team up with others to work on documents. Documents can also be shared with others. Even guest users can be granted access to edit files. Focusing on communication, creation of content and collaboration, OX Documents simplifies teamwork and enhances productivity.

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Boost online productivity

In addition to creating and editing files, OX Documents allows users to view files anywhere and on any device. Presentations can even be presented remotely, just by sending a link, or presented in full-screen mode as normal. Combined with OX App Suite, OX Documents provides users with the productivity they demand.

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OX Documents in a Nutshell


With OX Documents service providers can offer a robust and high performing web based office solution to their users. Users can create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the cloud. Fully integrated with other apps, OX Documents delivers the full power of OX App Suite. This means a consistent appealing design and true sharing of functionality. For example, users can work on documents on their own or collaborate with others in real-time. They can also store, sync, manage and provide access to their documents through OX Drive. All this is designed to drive active usage, enhance user productivity and engage users.

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