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Email Essentials

Easy to use and intuitive. This premium email suite is the perfect start for all of your users.

  • Delight your customers with a modern and clean UI
  • Users can access their emails, contacts, calendar and to-do lists on multiple devices
  • Immediate browser-based access for a quick onboarding
  • AVAS, anti-malware, anti-phishing and Ransomware protection
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Premium Upsell packages

Offer your users choice, with attractive upsell packages

Advanced Security

For all those users with sensitive data who need extra security against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

  • The advanced Anti-phishing
  • End-to-end email and document encryption let users encrypt (and decrypt) their emails and documents with one click
  • Email Signing lets recipients know that the email is genuine and not tampered with
  • Advanced Unsubscribe let customers unsubscribe safely
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Extra Storage

An excellent trigger for upsell. For all users who work with large files.

  • OX Cloud leaves you free to decide what amount of data to sell
  • Upsell campaigns will be autotriggered when a user is close to the set allowance
  • This is the highest performing upsell package
  • Pay for only what your users consume
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Designed for users who need to create and review documents quickly and collaborate online.

  • OX Text, OX Presentation and OX Spredsheet
  • Includes OX Drive, an advanced storage solution that lets users store, share and manage files from any device
  • Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows applications that seamlessly synchronize files across devices
  • Lets users share large attachments by email with one click (like WeTransfer)
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Migrating existing email addresses to OX Cloud is easy with the Self Migration tool

A flexible and user friendly way to move to OX Cloud

  • Self Migration Tool: your users enter the details of the platform they want to migrate from and can migrate with one click
  • Other Migration Options: Open-Xchange can also migrate your users using more traditional, project-based methods
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Premium Email Suite

Packaged to sell premium email with productivity and advanced security.

Are your competitors other hosting companies?

  • If you resell Big Tech's products you are “handing over” your customers to them
  • You target the same market
  • They will always prefer to sell directly to your customers
  • Sooner or later, you will lose your customers
  • Read our blog post to learn more
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