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Reimagine your email business

OX Cloud, the "No Risk, No Cost" hosted email solution.

Some of the largest providers in the world make money out of email – why not join them?

Email doesn’t have to be a cost center – revisit the commercial case for email with us.
Migrate your email accounts to OX Cloud and start growing ARPU today.

From Cost Center to Profit Center: How does the model work?

  • Free to migrate and no up-front costs, just share revenue generated.
  • Free migration of your email users to OX Cloud.
  • Free maintenance and upgrades (platform updates, product enhancements, security patches, general maintenance etc.).

Going beyond free: What does it mean for you and your customers?

  • Your customers get email essentials for free, with proven, predefined upsell packages to help increase ARPU.
  • Easy to use and secure, customers love their new email experience.
  • Customer satisfaction improves and support load is reduced.

We work with you to actively grow your business

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120 providers around the world trust us and 100,000,000 users are enjoying our products

Ready to launch OX Cloud? What's in the box?

OX Cloud
Hosting & Migration

Secure and reliable cloud platform and self-migration.

OX Cloud

All you need to be successful - sales, marketing and end-user communication.



OX App Suite
for Small Businesses

Leading independent Email and Communication suite designed for Small Businesses.

OX Cloud Hosting and migration

A fully hosted cloud platform

  • Run in Open-Xchange’s local data centers in the US and Europe – fully monitored and maintained by experts.
  • Comprehensive SLAs and guaranteed 99.9% uptime – systems fully geo-redundant.
  • GDPR compliant – OX Cloud conforms to GDPR and other relevant local regulations.
  • Easy integration with existing systems – APIs for full OX Cloud integration (e.g., customer care, provisioning etc.).

Migration services included

  • We provide a free "self-migration" service that has minimal impact on you and your users.
  • Users can choose when they want to migrate, via an easy-to-use migration portal.
  • Additional migration services and consultancy are available on request.

Bringing your users onboard

  • You know your users better than anyone - decide what they get for free, how much they pay.
  • We help with onboarding and migrating your users from initial communication, through active onboarding and campaign ideas, to activating and upselling to existing users and acquiring new ones.
  • We provide customer care and support training.

Growing your business

  • We provide proven, predefined upsell packages to help you grow your business.
  • We provide sales & marketing content, including prebuilt end-user web pages with “how to” videos, tutorials and FAQs.
  • Our experts are on hand to offer advice and share their experience.

Delivering a great customer experience

  • A simple and painless migration to OX App Suite (the OX Cloud email suite).
  • A new, fresh, easy-to-use and feature rich email suite.
  • New and exciting paid options specifically designed for the small business user.

OX App Suite for Small businesses

Email essentials

  • Offer users free access to OX App Suite, to give them:
  • Email and contacts – everything a small business user needs, simple and easy to use.
  • Essential security – commercial grade Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Virus.
  • Business calendar – fully featured with sharing, time zone management, scheduling etc.
  • Tasks – easy to use task management.
  • And much more...

Pre-configured upsell bundles

  • Offer users additional apps and advanced features with proven upsell bundles to create new revenue streams. Bundles include:
  • Advanced Security – enhanced security features, including email encryption, advanced unsubscribe, dumpster capabilities.
  • Productivity – cloud-based storage, online document editing, file sync and global federated sharing.
  • Storage – flexible storage plans that you define for your users.

Keep control and ownership of your users

  • We never compete with our customers.
  • We only sell to Hosters, Providers, Telcos and Resellers.
  • We do not sell directly to end-users.
  • Your customers stay your customers.

White label or OX branded

  • You can choose if you use your own brand or ours – either way, you keep control over:
  • How you provision your accounts.
  • How you bill.
  • How you manage your customer relationships.

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