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An easy-to-use email, communication, and collaboration platform, OX App Suite provides access to a wide range of white-labeled applications. From secure email to cloud storage and online office capabilities, OX App Suite is designed for speed and efficiency.

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Everything in one place

Designed to communicate efficiently, OX App Suite is a robust and attractive email solution. Calendar, address book, tasks and a customizable dashboard lets users and groups get organized with shared contacts, appointments and to do lists. All features are available with a single login making OX App Suite the one place for users’ messaging and time management needs.

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File storage and cloud collaboration 

Access, store, synchronize and share documents, pictures, music and videos on any device with the OX Drive online storage solution.

Together with OX Documents users can create, edit and collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Both apps are fully integrated into OX App Suite, providing users with a seamless experience.

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Secure email and files

Privacy and data security is becoming more and more important to users. Based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption standard, the OX Guard security add-on lets users sign, encrypt and decrypt emails and files easily with just one click. It works seamlessly between OX Guard users, with other PGP environments, and even for users without security-enabled email, thanks to “guest mode”.

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Available everywhere

With a responsive design, OX App Suite delivers a great user experience on every device. OX Mail and OX Drive are also available as native mobile apps and desktop clients.
For offline use, a full-featured Windows-based email client handles emails, calendars, contacts and tasks.

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OX App Suite & Dovecot Pro

Combined with Dovecot Pro, the #1 IMAP server in the world, Open-Xchange offers service providers the complete stack. OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro developers cooperate closely to make sure the two solutions work seamlessly together to offer unique features, such as an automatically tabbed inbox, a global attachment view and virtual folders.

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Your service, your brand

OX App Suite is built on open standards and APIs. This means service providers can customize the platform to promote their own brand. But OX App Suite supports more than just individual brands. It is highly configurable, allowing you and dedicated Open-Xchange teams to customize design elements and architecture, and ensure a smooth migration from existing deployments.

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On-premise or as a Service

OX App Suite is available as an on-premise solution or as »OX as a Service« (OXaaS), a highly scalable, fully managed and hosted delivery platform for Open-Xchange products and services. With OX App Suite you can create product bundles for existing target markets as well as new niches. These bundles can combine Open-Xchange and third-party applications, and support integration with existing web-based services. This flexibility enables more effective delivery in line with business objectives.

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User activation and engagement

As a vendor of white-labeled communication and collaboration products, we understand service providers’ needs. This is why our applications are attractively designed to maximize user engagement, boosting upsell and advertisement revenues. With intuitive onboarding features and continuous usability improvements, users are encouraged to stay in the OX App Suite environment. In addition, Open-Xchange can support providers to plan onboarding, activation, and (re)engagement activities. Benefit from our know-how and years of experience.

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OX App Suite in a nutshell

OX App Suite is a modular open-source communication and collaboration platform designed for telcos, hosters, and other service providers. It delivers a wide range of easy-to-use cloud‑based services for consumers and small business users, including secure email, personal and team organization, cloud storage and online office features.

OX App Suite allows the creation of product bundles and can be combined with third-party applications. Available as a hosted or on-premise solution, it provides a highly scalable white-label platform that maximizes revenue, increases customer retention and promotes recirculation.

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