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OX App Suite

OX App Suite enables service providers to regain ownership of their customer engagement with online experiences and branded services that deliver unique competitive advantage.

Why OX App Suite?

OX App Suite is a modular platform designed for Telco's, Hosters and Providers that delivers a wide range of cloud based services.

OX App Suite lets customers create bundles for both existing target markets as well as drive trial, experimenting into niche markets. This flexibility allows them to deliver more effectively against revenue objectives. These bundles include both Open-Xchange and third party applications, and can also integrate with existing customer web based services.

OX App Suite is an open platform that can be deployed as either a middleware solution or as a complete stack with trusted infrastructure services from PowerDNS and Dovecot. As a middleware solution, it can easily integrate into your current infrastructure (e.g. email server, storage, etc.).

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Take back your 
Customer Relationship

Stay relevant, stay focused

Discover how the 3R’s of business success can drive a powerful new engagement model with your subscribers

R as in Re-engagement

With the rise of mobile technologies, subscribers now choose and own their online experience. Trying to keep them interacting with your products has become a dilemma for service providers. Re-engagement with inactive customers is key to demonstrating that you are focused on delivering value they are requiring and OX App Suite can help.

R as in Re-circulation

Integrating existing services, applications and directing customers to other areas of your business are all possible with OX App Suite. Service providers can promote a better understanding of their complete portfolio, increase awareness and choice that raise ARPU and drives customer satisfaction.

R as in Retention

Create attractive upsell bundles with ease, expand your offerings to include enticing features and encourage customers to try and buy new applications through subtle advertising and powerful positioning right within OX App Suite.

100% Customizable

OX App Suite is more than just a white-labeled product, it is platform built upon open standards and open API’s. It can be re-branded and expanded upon in many way in order to meet business requirements.

For example, the widget-based portal can be customized to include web-based services, interfaces or advertising. OX App Suite can be integrated into your billing, storage and provisioning systems and can integrate with legacy systems.

Open standards enable extensibility and differentiation

Open and Published API's

Frontend/Client Communication
All communication from and to the users client is purely based on HTTP/HTTPS. The HTTP API is the core API for all user functionality and is based on JSON via HTTP(S). CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV interfaces are available.

Administration, Provisioning and Operations
All provisioning can be done with Command-line tools that use the Java RMI API. The central provisioning API is Java RMI.

Central and billing systems can use the RMI API via the SOAP API and authentication is implementable via customizable plugins. Standards available: IMAP, LDAP, Database and custom.

Backend Components and Communication
All OX-internal data is stored in a MySQL Database, accessed via JDBC. Email storage is accessed through the pluggable Mail Abstraction Layer API. The default implementation uses IMAP. Sending Emails is done via SMTP. Documents in the Drive module are accessed via an API, which allows customized implementations. The default is NFS or local file-systems.

More detailed information can be found in OX Knowledge Base