Open-Xchange Patents

Open-Xchange does not like software patents and thinks that in a perfect world they should not exist. However, we may decide to apply for patents on very specific items, to be able to stay on the market and prevent closed source competitors from:

1. closing up parts of our community software (“defensive patent”), or
2. copying some innovative features that allow us to make the commercial parts of our codebase successful, and thus provide the revenues that support the development of our free software (“competitive patent”).

If you are interested in using our patented technology for your projects, feel free to contact us directly. We are always happy to make contributions to and support free software developers’ projects.

The following serves as an overview of the patents that Open-Xchange has been granted:

Patent No. App Title Product Patent Ref Application Number
US10402482 CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OX Documents O1748.10001US03 14/861,837
US9628428 VIRTUAL EMAILS FOR IMAP COMMANDS OX Dovecot Pro O1748.10003US01 15/201,581
US9531785 AD HOC INJECTION OF IMAP OBJECTS OX Engage O1748.10002US01 15/184,746


And other U.S. and foreign patents pending.