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Open-Xchange is the world’s leading provider of open source software-as-a-service solutions for hosting, service provider and telecommunications companies advancing the trust and innovation of the Internet through valued customer engagement models.

  • Open API’s and standards – Business innovation today leverages technology that is flexible, transparent and lowers the barriers to cooperate. The OX portfolio relies on industry standards that evolve and scale interoperable architectures that are highly flexible and that allow for competitive value to be realized faster, stronger and are more cost effective long term.
  • Privacy matters – The data-driven economy has transformed how services providers deliver access, interconnectivity and value-added services to their customers. Basing these services on the freedom and choice that individuals require to control their data, is fundamental to the trust and growth of sustainable Internet business models.
  • Ruthlessly open – Virtually every aspect of the IT stack is being refactored. The ability to work together - whether as partners or friendly competition – assures that the best solution for individuals will emerge. Staying ruthlessly open is not just an OX business philosophy, it is a promise our partners depend upon for their success.

Stay Open, Stay informed

Introducing OX Summit Partner: GoDaddy

By Jeff Lulenski VP, Global Partnerships GoDaddy

Throughout the history of the Western World,...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Abusix

By Tobias Knecht, CEO at Abusix, Inc.

Abusix, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, allows service providers to...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Insight Level

By Ernesto Garcia, VP Sales, Insight Level

One more year along and Insight Level is on the way to...

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2017/09/19 - Why the US has to play catch-up on #encryption via @thehill

2017/09/19 - Introducing OX Summit Partners: @GoDaddy Digitec @abusix @InsightLevel #OXS17

2017/09/19 - Introducing OX Summit Partners: @Utimaco @sonian @epages @tarentsolutions @SpamExperts

2017/09/19 - This Internet thing seems to become a relevant factor in our lifes #neuland

2017/09/19 - Introducing OX Summit Partner: @InsightLevel

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