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OX Cloud is a secure hosted email and productivity platform, designed for providers of all sizes to offer their customers email, calendar, storage, encryption and more.

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Let the experts take care of your email.

Fully-hosted solution

Based on the world's most popular IMAP server, Dovecot Pro, combined with OX App Suite, OX Cloud offers everything you need to deliver feature-rich email and productivity tools to your customers.

Full protection for customers

Based on Open-Xchange's advanced security portfolio, OX Cloud offers secure and stable infrastructure to protect your customers' emails against spam, malware, ransomware, phishing and more.

99.9% uptime guaranteed

A secure, proven infrastructure, with EU and US data centers, will help you increase your NPS and decrease churn rate and call center costs by delivering the uptime customers demand.

Quick and easy migration

Choose to migrate users independently, using a web-based service and comprehensive documentation, or supported by Open-Xchange's experienced migration team.

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OX Dovecot Pro

The world’s market-leading IMAP server, OX Dovecot Pro, delivers dynamic scalability, high performance, efficient utilization of hardware and outstanding support to the world’s largest Telcos and ISP’s.

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Providing a highly-efficient, low-latency DNS caching service is critical for subscribers’ internet experience. OX PowerDNS delivers exactly this - a faster, safer and more secure internet.

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Learn how Open-Xchange helped customers

Increased end-user activation

OX products lead to increased user activation and a significant drop in monthly customer churn for GoDaddy.

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Premium user base growth

1&1 uses OX App Suite to increase customer satisfaction and productivity while growing their premium user base.

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Performance improvement

With OX Dovecot Pro and OX productivity tools, Rackspace provides the best possible performance to their customers.

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New revenue streams

Based on OX products, Strato monetizes mail and offers advanced functionality for a premium segment.

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Instant messaging interoperability - a first step in making the internet what it was supposed to be?

In a previous blog we discussed why it would be so important for internet users – and for a competitive industry – if instant messaging apps were required to be interoperable, allowing people to use any chat app they like to exchange messages with the users of any other chat app.

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DNSdist 1.5.0 delivers enhancements for DoH and better performance

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New versions of OX App Suite, OX Documents and OX Guard available

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