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Email and Productivity

Welcome to our easy-to-use messaging and productivity solutions. Open-Xchange supplies a wide range of cloud based services that add value for consumers and business users alike, including email, appointments, storage and document creation. Our email solutions are safe, secure and scalable.

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World’s #1 IMAP

Our proven IMAP server gives hosts, telcos and other service providers the dynamic scalability they need, along with high performance, optimum utilization of hardware and outstanding support.

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Secure and Rapid DNS

OX PowerDNS delivers a faster, safer and more secure web experience. It combines rock-solid performance and high resilience against malicious traffic for internet providers along with parental control options for home users. An increase in malware attacks drives the need for additional security layers. We have you covered.

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Open-Xchange is committed to a borderless internet that is open, safe and free allowing users to protect their own data and privacy.

To achieve this, we provide tried-and-trusted solutions the world’s leading service and hosting providers as well as telco companies. In turn, they pass on these benefits to their own customers, resulting in hundreds of millions of OX products in use at home and work around the globe.

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Latest news from Open-Xchange

A unique reach with OX Engage

Open-Xchange is very happy to announce that we provide telcos and service providers with the ability to reach more of their customers and increase revenue potential with another service: OX Engage by Open-Xchange releases the patented IMAP injection tool (patent US9531785B1). OX Engage displays promotional and other emails in a user’s inbox based on IMAP. This means that those mails are available on every browser-based webmail, desktop client and mobile app letting providers monetize users regardless of their preferred email solution.

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Open-Xchange is pleased to introduce you to a new product that helps providers protect their networks and subscribers secure their households: OX Protect.

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We are excited to announce the availability of OX App Suite 7.10. It comes with a fresh, new design to further improve user experience and an updated calendar.

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