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Make email your fastest growing business. Convert free email into paid accounts and increase ARPU with premium features.

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5G, cloud-native, IoT security, DNS encryption: ready for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.


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We help the world's largest hosting companies profit from email, let us do the same for you.

Learn how to make email your fastest growing business No Cost and No Risk


OX Cloud for Hosting Companies


Learn how Open-Xchange helps customers


Increased end-user activation

OX products lead to increased user activation and a significant drop in monthly customer churn for GoDaddy.


Premium user base growth

1&1 uses OX App Suite to increase customer satisfaction and productivity while growing their premium user base.


Performance improvement

With OX Dovecot Pro and OX productivity tools, Rackspace provides the best possible performance to their customers.


Robust & high-performance DNS

Equipping BT with DNS to meet current broadband as well as future 5G and IoT traffic and security demands.

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