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To provide our customers with best-in-class DNS solutions, we know what to build in-house and when it makes more sense to partner with experts. Meet the market-leading companies, who we partner with to deliver a range of DNS-based solutions.

Allot Ltd., a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security-as-a-service solutions, headquartered in Israel, uses OX PowerDNS for its cybersecurity solutions for communication service providers. In a close collaboration, Open-Xchange supported Allot in its development of an OX PowerDNS-based mass-market cybersecurity solution: Allot DNS Secure. DNS Secure is deployed at the network level and provides protection against a broad range of cyber threats, including malware and phishing, and offers content filtering, along with parental control options.


The Switzerland-based not-for-profit Quad9 Foundation provides a DNS recursive resolver that includes anti-malware and anti-phishing protection. Quad9 users include educational organizations, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) local and regional governments, and small and medium enterprises, who often use Quad9’s resolving service instead of their ISP’s DNS resolvers because it delivers added security and increased performance. PowerDNS is happy to contribute a significant part to Quad9’s service with its recursive and load balancing solutions.

Learn how OX PowerDNS enables Quad9's worldwide encrypted DNS resolving service in our case study.


The Austrian system integrator Kapsch, a market leader in the toll collection industry, has formed a strong Telecoms implementations division including the former Liberty Global network team. Having been a PowerDNS partner for several joint digital transformation projects in Europe, PowerDNS and Kapsch have implemented, migrated and managed several multi-million subscriber DNS installations. Kapsch is offering fully managed operations of highly efficient and network award winning PowerDNS platforms. Our approach ensures a smooth and cost-effective transition from legacy DNS tools to OX PowerDNS solutions.


PowerDNS and Iceland-based network management provider Men&Mice combine their core competencies to offer an all-in-one DDI solution. The collaboration between OX PowerDNS for secure DNS and Men&Mice’s Micetro for DHCP and IP address management provides the core network functions every enterprise needs.

Spamhaus, Zvelo & Vade Secure

To provide our DNS-based network security solutions, we rely on internal but also third-party threat intelligence feeds. Spamhaus, Zvelo and Vade Secure provide us with always up-to-date feeds and have proven to strengthen our security solutions with reliable data for traditional, as well as IoT devices.

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