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Innovation meets Networking: OX Summit 2018 Rome, Italy

This year we pulled out all the stops to celebrate our 10th European Summit in Rome on September 27-28. Visitors rubbed shoulders with industry leaders from telcos, hosters and cable carriers, met with OX senior management and product experts and explored how we are evolving our product & service portfolio and creating innovative solutions with OX products.


Enjoy the following recap material and stay tuned for future OX Summit information.

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WTF? What´s the Future?

and Why It´s Up to Us

Tim O´Reilly

Founder & CEO, O´Reilly Media

The Power of Federated Services

How a trusted, cross-platform ecosystem of software, hardware, and open source companies can create and maintain open markets and generate new revenue streams. 

Rafael Laguna
CEO, Open-Xchange

OX App Suite as a Managed Service

Why move email to OXaaS and how to prepare for change 

Steven Offerein

Head of In-Home Products & Experience,

Gleb Privot-Krivochta
Product Manager,

OX Protect

Securing and Safeguarding Subscribers, Families and Connected Devices. A compelling story for your users 

Neil Cook
VP Product, Security,

Mitigating DNS Data Exfiltration

Enhancing OX Protect with DNS Firewall. Case study analysis. 

Matthew C. Stith

Product Manager,

What´s at stake?

No less than our freedom! 

Jérôme Lecat
CEO Scality 

ID4me: A Universal identity
An internet-wide identity for your users 

Katja Speck

General Manager,

Vittorio Bertola
Head of Policy & Innovation,

OX App Suite 7.10 Live Demo
See the newest features in OX App Suite and how they behave 

Stephan Specketer
Product Manager,

OX Protect
Deep Dive

Neil Cook
VP Product, Security,

Catch the Moment
Extracting the maximum value from OX Display, OX Engage and OX Upsell

Florian Steps
Director Monetization,

Thanks to all our OX Summit Partners