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Commercial Support

OX PowerDNS Support from the Experts

OX PowerDNS customers benefit from support from Open-Xchange experts. Multiple tiers of support are available, ranging from office hours to 24/7 availability, all defined by strong SLAs. We offer support with deployments and provide insights into any other DNS-related challenges that you encounter during migration. Our OX PowerDNS support teams help with product-related issues and provide assistance to solve problems related to your DNS deployment. 

Please visit this page for details on how to contact the Open-Xchange support and reach out to us if you are interested in commercial OX PowerDNS support.

We would like to refer our PowerDNS community version users to the resources available on

Professional Services

Open-Xchange offers professional services to ensure that after migration you will have a high performance OX PowerDNS solution. Our sales engineering professionals will provide advice and help design the solution that specifically fits your needs. Based on that, OX will assign a team that is best positioned for implementing your solution in terms of experience, location, and language. Our sales engineers and professional service experts will support with deployments, integrations, validations, upgrades, migrations and other issues arising during a deployment or migration. Read more about our approach to finding the right technical solutions for your needs.

Migrating your DNS Solution

OX PowerDNS is an attractive replacement for your current DNS platform. However, replacing such a vital component of your network may be daunting. We have experience with migrations from a wide range of other DNS platforms and developed a set of steps that deliver a fully safe and validated transition.

In a typical migration, we will:

  • Make an inventory of your currently deployed configuration
  • Deploy new OX PowerDNS infrastructure on the agreed platforms
  • Validate that all parts can be matched by OX PowerDNS
  • Replay the previously recorded traffic, and report on new performance levels
  • Suggest hardware and operating system configuration for your new OX PowerDNS deployment
  • Train your staff on the differences between the old and the new solution
  • Record existing DNS traffic and report on current performance levels in terms of packets/s, query drop rate, average response times
  • Perform follow-ups to wrinkle out post-migration issues

On-site Training for your Staff

Train your staff on the most efficient use of OX PowerDNS solutions. 
We offer a full palette of on-site training courses that can be mixed and matched to your individual requirements.

OX PowerDNS Authoritative
  • Basic deployment & maintenance:
    One-day workshop for UNIX admins
  • Advanced deployment & maintenance, including DNSSEC:
    Two-day workshop for advanced UNIX admins, or three days including DNSSEC introduction
OX PowerDNS Recursor
  • Basic deployment & maintenance:
    One-day workshop for advanced UNIX admins
  • Advanced deployment & maintenance:
    Two-day workshop for advanced UNIX admins
OX PowerDNS NOC training
  • Monitoring DNS performance metrics:
    One-day workshop for NOC operators

Contact us for detailed information and questions about our OX PowerDNS support options.

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