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Training and Knowledge

Administrators of OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro can receive training from our partner Heinlein Support. You can benefit from their years of experience as professional trainers of both solutions. In addition, Heinlein Support currently provide a large OX App Suite, with a OX Dovecot Pro backend, solution directly to end-users. This qualifies them as Open-Xchange experts in both theory and in practice.

Additional know-how and information can be obtained from the following two books: “Dovecot POP3/IMAP servers for enterprises and ISPs”, can help with strategic decisions regarding Dovecot configurations and provides real life lessons learned. “The Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy”, provides insights into app development and conveys tips and tricks for all.

OX App Suite
Admin Training

This training, covers communication and collaboration solution OX App Suite, and aims to educate administrators on how to set-up an OX App Suite cluster and provide fast and stable performance. As Heinlein Support are provides of OX App Suite platforms themselves, participants will receive first hand information as well as real life tips-and-tricks. The course is available on scheduled dates at the Heinlein Support academy or as an in-house session based on your specific requirements.

OX Dovecot Pro
Admin Training

OX Dovecot Pro is the most popular IMAP server in the world. Many Service Providers around the world trust its flexibility, scalability and high performance. The “OX Dovecot Pro Administrator Training” introduces best practices for setup, management and maintenance of a OX Dovecot Pro installation. The course is available either as a scheduled public session or as an in-house session based on your specific requirements.

Dovecot Pro

The Dovecot book “Dovecot: POP3/IMAP servers for enterprises and ISPs” can help with strategic decisions gained from lessons learned over ten years of real life experience. It helps administrators with both conceptual design and showing how to implement different configurations. These recommendations have been gained from real life operating experience over numerous Dovecot projects. You can get more information and order your copy via the official Dovecot book website.

Mobile Developers Guide
to the Galaxy

The Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy” provides over 320-plus pages of insights, tips and tricks concerning different mobile technologies, platforms for app developers and mobile decision-makers. This book conveys the knowledge of more than twenty writers from the mobile community. Get inspired and learn about mobile application topics such as accessibility, UX design, analytics, prototyping, cross-platform development, native development and mobile and app marketing.