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Oct 26


OX App Suite Server Installation for Dummies

Ever wanted to install your own OX App Suite Server, but too lazy to configure a Linux system with all OX App Suite system requirements?

Then this is for you!

All you need to have installed on your machine — which can be a Windows, Mac or Linux system — is Vagrant and VirtualBox. If you are on Windows, and don’t have a SSH Client installed, the easiest way to get one is to install Git for Windows, with the option to use the Unix tools from the command line.

Follow these simple steps:

  • launch a console / terminal window, create a folder for your vagrant project, and cd into it.
  • run “vagrant init oxdev/oxappsuite-base“. This will create a vagrant configuration for you.
  • run “vagrant up“. This will download and launch a Linux image where all system requirements like Apache, MySQL, Dovecot and Postfix are installed.
  • run “vagrant ssh” to ssh into the new system.
  • run “sudo ./install-appsuite” to install Core OX App Suite.
  • optionally, also run “sudo ./install-documents” to additionally install OX Documents.

Your new virtual machine is now ready to use, the only thing missing is the VirtualBox network configuration so that you can reach your newly created vm from your host system. Shutdown your vm via “sudo shutdown -h now“, configure the network settings in the VirtualBox UI to include “Bridged Adapter” or “Host-only Adapter”, and restart the virtual machine. OX App Suite will launch automatically.

If you need to figure out your vm’s IP address, login as user vagrant with password vagrant, and run “/sbin/ifconfig“.

Now you can launch OX App Suite from your host system in the browser: <your-appsuite-ip&gt;. There are two OX App Suite users configured: david and eva, both with password “secret”.

If you want to make additional changes to your virtual machine, or to the OX App Suite installation: All passwords for MySQL and OX App Suite management are “secret”. The password for the vagrant user is “vagrant”, which is a convention for vagrant machines. The vagrant user can do sudo without needing to enter a password.

More information about OX App Suite Installation and Configuration can be found on oxpedia.org.

Disclaimer: The machine that you have just created is for evaluation purpose only. For a production system, make sure to use secure passwords and configurations.

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