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By Dirk Börgerding, Key Account Manager, Utimaco Telecommunication service providers are required to be compliant to the regulatory legal framework in many countries, when introducing new telecommunication technologies and... read more
Neil Cook, Chief Security Architect, Open-Xchange At first I was very concerned at the reports on the recently leaked UK Investigatory Powers (Technical Capability) Regulations 2017 paper. Many commentators seem to think that... read more
By Vittorio Bertola, Research & Innvovation Engineer, Open-Xchange Among the issues under discussions in Brussels, the new ePrivacy Regulation proposed by the European Commission could really affect internet usage in Europe. The... read more
We’re delighted to announce that our own Neil Cook, Chief Security Architect at Open-Xchange, will be speaking at a panel at Telco Cloud World Forum in London on 26th April 2017.The event, which runs from 25th – 26th April 2017,... read more