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Many people want to believe in the notion that a company like Microsoft can come up with an effective cloud offering. But Microsoft’s own history demonstrates that being in the cloud is not in Microsoft’s DNA.It’s not that... read more
In the days before its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple was surprisingly open (for Apple, at least) in leaking information about their iCloud offering. Various media reports indicated that Apple had wrapped up negotiations... read more
Telcos love the iPhones and Androids. And what’s not to like? Sprint just ordered $20bn worth of iPhones. These premium phones command high hardware purchase costs, come with a significant upgrade in data plan and everyone wants... read more
With Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion it’s clear that the company is betting big on the cloud as platform instead of Windows exclusively.And with the announcement of the Google Chromebook—a cloud-only... read more
I just wanted to point you to a couple blogs I wrote that were both published the past couple of days.The first talks about how everything old is new again – “The parallels between the advent of the PC age and the cloud age are... read more
Today we’re launching a pretty neat trick for smartphone users – access to your E-Mails, calendars and contacts even when you are offline. We completely rebuilt our mobile ap using HTML 5 (great stuff by the way) so that... read more