May 31


OX “Top Player” in Radicati 2017 Market Quadrant

By Rafael Laguna, CEO Open-Xchange

For the last 12 months, the Open-Xchange family has been a hive of activity. We haven’t stopped developing our products, expanding our services and refining our vision. All of which has been firmly targeted at helping our customers stay relevant. As such it is wonderful to report that, for the third year in a row, Radicati has named OX a “Top Player” in the Messaging Platforms for Service Providers Market Quadrant.

What’s more, we’re thrilled to see we are now the clear leaders in this segment!

Despite our consistently competitive position in this report we haven’t rested on our laurels. We’ve kept on innovating with new products such as OX as a Service, Dovecot Pro and Promotional Mail. We’ve also issued regular, relevant updates to our flagship OX App Suite. These innovations have contributed to our sector-leading score for strategic vision.

We’re confident that our desire to keep listening to our customers, understanding their needs and refining our service accordingly played a major part in this win! Constructive feedback is crucial for creating products that really reflect the market‘s needs and our customer councils are the perfect example of this.

This year’s report highlights the rich communication and collaboration functionality of OX App Suite and the fact that it provides single sign-on access to all SaaS applications, across all devices. Additionally the report highlights our customer retention and upsell strategies for service providers including high-level features, such as collaboration. These strategies help SPs roll out value-added services, generate revenue and reduce customer churn.

The criteria for this year’s quadrant included key areas such as scalability, reliability and mobile integration. Vendors were also rated on the quality of their pricing model, customer support and professional services. Under such scrutiny it’s fantastic to see us pulling ahead of Oracle, as well as Zimbra and Synchronoss Technologies (formerly Openwave Messaging).

We strive to demonstrate our industry leading vision for the service provider market. It’s always gratifying to have that vision recognised.

For further insight, please download Radicati´s full report here.



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