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OX Upsell lets you generate additional revenue through up- and cross-selling to your users. It enhances OX App Suite with built-in, and customizable, predefined triggers in prime locations. These upsell triggers drive users to premium packages or recirculate them to other corners of your business. When triggered, OX Upsell presents a fully customizable, and context sensitive, layer that lets the user instantly make a purchase.


Monetization within
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  • Upsell triggers within OX App Suite
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  • Up- and cross-selling OX and other products
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  • In-app conversions through layer and panel
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Ready-to-use upsell triggers

OX Upsell provides in-app upselling within OX App Suite through ready-to-use and customizable triggers. A variety of pre-defined trigger areas are available in all applications and many features. For example, in the dropdown menu, the app launcher, the folder tree, portal widgets and more. These triggers can be configured easily and are designed for maximum impact.

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OX Upsell - In-app Monetization for OX App Suite


Upselling and Cross-selling

Using the OX Upsell triggers helps you increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products. For example it is possible to upsell customers from freemium to premium OX App Suite packages. It is also possible to add additional features to their plan. OX Upsell can also let you advertise other products and services in your portfolio. At the same time you are taking advantage of impulse purchase opportunities by removing barriers to purchase with integrated and direct in-app conversions.

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Context-sensitive upsell layer and panel

OX Upsell comes with a fully customizable upsell layer. This layer is presented when users hit an upsell trigger. It displays your individual, context-sensitive, upsell-details. It is designed for quick and simple configuration and customization. In addition, a dedicated panel within the OX App Suite settings can provide an overview of the current package, used applications and upsell options that are available.

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Meeting your needs

To help you generate additional revenue OX Upsell can be fully customized. Upsell triggers, upsell layers and settings panels are designed to adapt to your specific needs. Even in the backend OX Upsell integrates seamlessly into your provisioning infrastructure. Open-Xchange can support you with designing the triggers, layers, settings panels, and provide best practices and proven tactics to meet individual needs.

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OX Upsell in a Nutshell


OX Upsell is the only real way to achieve manageable in-app upsell within OX App Suite. Predefined triggers in proven, meaningful locations and a context sensitive upsell layer enhance OX App Suite. It helps you increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products while taking advantage of impulse purchase opportunities by removing barriers to purchase. OX Upsell can be fully customized, can integrate and work with existing provisioning infrastructure and can help generate vital added revenue.

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