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OX PowerDNS Cloud Control
Cloud-native DNS

Step into the cloud-native world of DNS with OX PowerDNS Cloud Control.

Increase scalability, reduce costs and use more efficient ways to manage your DNS. Benefit from DNS containerization, automation, orchestration and lifecycle management, monitoring and alerting, combined in a single interface for configuration and operations.

All based on market-leading cloud-native technologies, combined with the proven OX PowerDNS approach.

The importance of cloud-native for DNS

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Combining Market-Leading Cloud-Native Technology



All releases of OX PowerDNS are available as Docker images through a private registry. This lets you use your system resources efficiently, save storage and reduce budget, compared to legacy DNS technology on VMs.


Given the criticality of DNS to the overall internet experience, monitoring and alerting are particularly important. Prometheus enables metrics and alerts with OX PowerDNS, enabling DNS teams to benefit from the combined learnings from PowerDNS deployments around the world. Grafana visualizes data for single view graphs and dashboards.


Cloud Control is based on the standard for container orchestration – Kubernetes. It ships with Helm charts to easily deploy and configure OX PowerDNS components, and Custom Resource Definitions and Operators for custom workloads.


OX PowerDNS Cloud Control’s ‘single pane of glass’ brings containerization, orchestration, monitoring and alerting together into one interface. Operators benefit from a graphical way to visualize, configure, monitor and even deploy cloud-native OX PowerDNS software.

Cloud-native DNS with OX PowerDNS Cloud Control

The best way of addressing today’s DNS requirements

High scalability & flexibility

DNS is required to be almost infinitely horizontally scalable, with elastic scaling for unpredictable demand (media, sporting events, pandemics).

Geographic distribution with Edge computing

DNS services located close to users running in hundred or even thousands of locations to meet latency targets such as in 5G infrastructure.

Automation, orchestration & lifecycle management

Sophisticated automation and orchestration to avoid massive operational efforts when running services remotely in several locations, with ultra-reliability and low latency.

Containerization to eliminate VM overhead

Containerization handles the restriction of Edge Compute hardware when shared with other services and run on bare-metal VMs.



Minimizing the costs and resource input associated with deploying large numbers of servers at many geographic locations is critical to ensure commercial viability.

Coming soon...

A two-phase approach to fully cloud-native DNS

  • OX Cloud Control v1.0 will be available in Q4 2020 and contains the following:

    Integrated Monitoring

    • End-2-end service monitoring
    • Unified component monitoring

    Orchestration of DNS components

    • Support for OX PowerDNS Recursor & DNSdist
    • Full Kubernetes Integration
      • Custom Operator for DNSdist
      • Dynamic configuration of backends & rules

    CNF Blueprint

    • Bare-metal vs virtual deployment model
    • Performance testing of the Kubernetes CNI interface
  • Shortly after version 1.0, we will be releasing Cloud Control v2.0, which comes with:

    Additional Orchestration

    • Seamless / no-downtime restarts of config changes
    • Elastic scaling
    • Supports all OX Protect components
    • Multi-cluster orchestration

    Single Pane of Glass

    • Unified overview of all components and metrics
    • GUI to control, see status and perform orchestration

Cloud Control Whitepaper

Read more about the benefits of a cloud-native approach with OX PowerDNS Cloud Control in our cloud-native OX PowerDNS whitepaper.

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Reach out to us if you wish to learn more about how OX PowerDNS and Cloud Control can help take your DNS to the next generation.

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