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Increase scalability, reduce costs and manage your DNS more efficiently. Benefit from DNS containerization, automation, orchestration and lifecycle management, monitoring and alerting, combined in a single interface for configuration and operations. OX PowerDNS Cloud Control enables cloud-native deployments of OX PowerDNS. Leveraging cloud-native tools such as Helm, Docker and Prometheus, it allows you to deploy OX PowerDNS services on a Kubernetes platform in your network.

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control allows operators to deploy and manage DNS nodes in several data centers and locations simultaneously. This includes servers as close to end-users as possible, enabling your DNS for edge computing, 5G and IoT scenarios.

Description (1) Cloud-native orchestration for large-scale OX PowerDNS deployments

Description (1)Deployment of OX PowerDNS Recursor and DNSdist on a Kubernetes cluster (it is assumed that a working Kubernetes deployment is present in the customer’s network)

Description (1) Utilization of the official images needed for OX PowerDNS Recursor and DNSdist to set up a complete recursive DNS ecosystem in your network

Description (1) Container-orchestration of the deployment using Kubernetes and OX PowerDNS Cloud Control
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Combining Graduated Cloud-Native Technologies for Cloud-Native DNS





OX PowerDNS software is available as Docker images through a private registry. Compared to legacy DNS technology on VMs, our Docker images let you use your system resources more efficiently, save storage, provide quicker turn around and reduce budget.






Automated Deployment, Orchestration & Lifecycle Management


OX PowerDNS Cloud Control is based on the standard for container orchestration – Kubernetes. It ships with Helm charts to easily deploy and configure OX PowerDNS components, and custom resource definitions and operators for custom workloads. Control loops ensure that a system matches your desired state while REST-APIs are available to perform checks and changes if required. This reduces complexity and allows operations teams to design, deploy, and manage DNS deployments more easily, using less manpower. Using Kubernetes allows them to concentrate on the desired state of the deployment, without worrying about how to achieve that state.




OX PowerDNS Cloud Control and Kubernetes enhance deployment capabilities and allow for a highly scalable deployment. Additional workloads (Kubernetes Pods) can be easily defined and added where and when needed.






Monitoring & Alerting

Given the criticality of DNS to the overall internet experience, monitoring and alerting are particularly important. Prometheus enables OX PowerDNS to collect, process and prepare metrics, as well as provide alerts, about critical events. Grafana visualizes collected data for single view graphs and dashboards.

Configuration & Operations

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control’s ‘single pane of glass’ brings containerization, orchestration, monitoring and alerting together into one interface across multiple Kubernetes clusters. This gives operators a graphical way to visualize, configure, monitor and even deploy cloud-native OX PowerDNS software.




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