OX Guard - simple email and file encryption

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PGP based security add-on for OX App Suite,
also available for OX Cloud

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Simple and intuitive email and file encryption

  • The demand for end-user security and privacy is growing
  • Unfortunately, security is seen as complex, and results in reduced usability
  • OX Guard requires no security knowhow and no complicated setup
  • Encrypt emails and files with a single click, then let the UI decrypt emails and files automatically
  • Integrate security seamlessly into day-to-day life, disruption free
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The world’s most popular open security standard

  • OX Guard is based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption standard
  • PGP is the world’s leading encryption technology and is considered, essentially, unbreakable
  • PGP is compatible with other compliant email clients to encrypt, decrypt and sign emails
  • Advanced users can still manage their own keys if they wish
OX Guard - most popular open security standard

OX Guard for everyone

  • OX Guard provides seamless encrypted communication between other OX Guard users
  • OX Guard can communicate with any PGP compliant email client
  • For non-PGP/OX Guard recipients, OX Guard automatically creates, and sends, a guest account for the recipient to decrypt the email
  • OX Guard’s guest accounts are also brandable, providing you with an additional promotion opportunity
OX Guard for everyone

OX Cloud email and file encryption

If you are considering OX Cloud – our fully hosted email solution – then OX Guard functionality
is provided as part of the OX Cloud Advanced Security upsell package.

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