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Top-tier domain name hosting


Offering top-tier domain name hosting is important to any hosting or ISP business. Given the current 24/7 ‘online’ economy, with many services people rely on for their daily business and leisure, it is vital that domain names are available within milliseconds all of the time. PowerDNS provides a full suite of applications to empower domain name hosting, including all the tools needed to provide a distributed multi-server deployment of DNS servers. This ensures high availability, as well as proximity to the end-users of all those services. Coupled with its flexibility and high scalability, PowerDNS supports many of the world’s largest domain hosters.


Efficient traffic management

Efficient traffic management is often based on DNS. Having your DNS authority set up so that traffic from worldwide online services is routed to the point of presence nearest to a user ensures the best experience. At the same time, it reduces network traffic and, in turn, costs for domain name owners. Our domain registration and hosting solution provides specific Geo-DNS capabilities to provide authoritative DNS answers based on the origin of the lookup, ensuring the most efficient traffic management.

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PowerDNS Authoritative Server

The domain registration and hosting solution PowerDNS Authoritative Server ensures privacy and enhanced security based on the latest DNS security and privacy standards. This includes full support of DNSSEC and easy-to-use one-click signing capabilities allowing ISPs and hosters alike to easily sign their domains. PowerDNS is a versatile solution for authoritative services that incorporates all major databases (LMDB, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and LMDB) and provides full flexibility.






PowerDNS not only provides the infrastructure side of an authoritative service, but also provides ISPs and hosters with a GUI and API to manage domains for themselves or their customers. With ZoneControl, domain registrars and hosters receive an easy-to-use interface to manage domains, enable DNSsec, and more.




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