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Easy-to-use Productivity
Proven collaboration and retention tools

Productivity tools are important. Consumers and business users alike must be able to access their files and edit documents at any time, wherever they are and no matter what device they are using. 2.3 billion users will use cloud storage solutions by 2020 for personal use alone. 500 billion office documents are created every year. Everyday life is unmanageable without cloud storage and document editing.

Open-Xchange delivers exactly those tools. Online storage with saving, synchronizing and sharing of files as well as creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Providers can offer OX productivity solutions either as a standalone product or bundled with the OX email solution, guaranteeing complete flexibility.

How Users Benefit from OX Productivity Products

File saving, syncing, sharing File Saving, Synching, Sharing
Document creation and editing Document Creation and Editing




The OX Drive cloud storage solution enables users to save and view documents, pictures, and media online. Users can move between devices with no fuss –  data will be synchronized between all devices on which OX Drive is used. Everything stored in OX Drive is available at anytime, anywhere. Thanks to native OX Drive mobile apps and desktop clients, accessing and editing files is possible even when offline.

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Users can create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online with OX Documents. Whether at home or when using a mobile device on the go, OX Documents supports large documents or small to-do-lists. Real-time collaboration allows users to team up with others to work on documents. Created or edited documents can be downloaded and used with other tools at any time, OX Documents provides round-trips instead of lock-ins.

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How Providers Benefit from OX Productivity Products

Your brand Your Brand
Monetizing Productivity Monetizing Productivity
Active Usage and Retention Active Usage & Retention




OX Drive and OX Documents are white-labeled products, just like the entire OX email portfolio. Use your logo and your colors with the web UI of both products. To provide a consistent brand experience across all touch points and devices, the OX Drive mobile apps and desktop clients are completely brandable, too.  




When bundled with OX email products or third-party applications, OX productivity solutions are a key component of a solid upselling strategy. OX Drive and OX Documents add even greater value to an email platform, webhosting package, offline service or any other comparable offering. Of course, the user interfaces of OX productivity solutions also support advertising, which enables customers to monetize active usage.




OX productivity solutions are proven retention tools. They give users a reason to stick with their provider even if all other services are easily replaceable. In addition, cloud storage and document creation, editing and collaboration functionalities help activate users. Active usage in return leads to more effective monetization options such as user-friendly display advertising.

Delivery Options

Hosted by OX or You

Like OX email products, you can choose whether you want Open-Xchange to host your OX productivity solutions with the fully managed OX as a Service (OXaaS) offering. Or, if you prefer to have your OX productivity offering installed in your own environment, OX experts are available to advise and assist during implementation and operation.

Bundled with OX App Suite

Many Open-Xchange customers provide our email and productivity solutions as one package. Either through upselling productivity in addition to email products, or as a premium package that delivers the full power to their users upfront. Open-Xchange supports both strategies and more providing you with complete business flexibility.

Standalone Offering

OX productivity solutions can also be offered as standalone plans without the OX email products. The storage and productivity benefits offered by OX Drive and OX Documents are often a necessary portfolio add-on to stay competitive. This is true for customers who do not offer any email solutions at all, but also for providers who strategically separate their email and productivity offerings.

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