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A Look Ahead
Open-Xchange Roadmap

Open-Xchange is committed to continuously developing tried-and-trusted email, productivity and security solutions. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming releases of OX, Dovecot and PowerDNS products.

Please note that planned release dates and all roadmap information are subject to change.

What´s next? 

  • OX App Suite 7.10
    • App launcher and top bar design
      In order to reduce clutter and align with current end-user behavior the ‘Top Bar’ will contain all apps under a new launcher menu icon. The new App Launcher includes all enabled modules, uses less space and will give OX App Suite a modern design.

    • New window handling
      In response to end-user requests the use of floating windows to compose emails, create appointments, as well as perform other tasks will be supported and allows usage that is very close to an operating system behavior.

    • Next generation calendar
      OX App Suite v7.10 introduces a new generation of OX Calendar. Together with UI updates, the new calendar now utilizes the best-in-class backend capability of iCalendar and CalDAV to provide outstanding interoperability.

    • Updated context menu
      Significant contextual UI actions will be presented on a right-click context menu, with shortcuts inside all web frontend modules.

    • Security improvements
      Default settings will be arranged to make accounts as secure as possible by default. These settings should optimize end-user privacy and limit exposure to abuse, malware, phishing etc. wherever possible. Also, to increase trust, emails from trusted sources can be highlighted.

  • OX Documents 7.10
    • Better preview of spreadsheets
      Previewing a spreadsheet will show the whole spreadsheet in a menu -free view instead of a print preview on different pages. It will also be possible to navigate within the different worksheets of a spreadsheet.

    • Do more with images: Cropping
      Images are used in many documents to complement the message or to catch attention. Therefore it is important to focus on the areas of the image that are important to the message. OX Documents will feature a new option to crop images, so users can select the part of the image that matters the most.

    • Create better documents
      OX Documents 7.10 introduces a number of new features to more easily create better documents. With a new ruler it will be possible to adjust paragraph indentations in a visual manner. Table formatting will support vertical alignment and new adjustment points in shapes allow users to easily change and customize shapes.

    • Improved performance
      OX Documents continues to deliver significant performance improvements in various areas. For example, document editing can be started much faster as only the first page of a document needs to be loaded. Also the rendering and activation of toolbars will be significantly faster. Support for local storage reduces the second load time of a presentation dramatically.

  • OX Guard 2.10
    • Updated web interface for external users
      External recipients of emails encrypted with OX Guard will be brought fully into OX App Suite as guest users. They get an inbox listing all their encrypted emails and are also able to reply right from within that inbox. This provides a completely new lead generation opportunity by allowing existing customers to send secure emails.

    • Share encrypted files
      OX Guard will be able to easily add and remove shares from encrypted files.

  • Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield 2.0
    • Long-term behavior analysis
      Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield will analyze and store previous known good logins and detect anomalies when logins do not fit the normal profile.

    • Report API
      A report API will be able to retrieve information about user logins and devices. The information can then be presented to users in OX App Suite or other applications.

    • Customizable alerting and actions
      Mobile text messages or email alerts about suspicious logins can be customized and sent to subscribers. IPs that consistently abuse the system can be blocked and operator abuse teams can be alerted about compromised users.

    • Reports, dashboards & search
      Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield will use Kibana to provide abuse and operator teams with reports, dashboards and search options.

Previous Releases

OX App Suite v7.8.3
  • Webmail Push - The web interface now notifies users immediately when emails arrive
  • Improved Scheduling View - Better usability for larger meetings with more participants
  • Preview Images of Shared Files - More visual usability in Drive Mail

Feature Overview

OX Documents v.7.8.3
  • Work with OX Guard encrypted documents
  • Improved document rendering on platforms where no MS Office standard fonts are available
  • Display and edit shapes in OX Text
  • Non-destructive support for PowerPoint files (2007 and later)
  • Master and layout slides to work with requiring less effort
  • Powerful text frame options
  • Shape gallery with lines, squares, circles, etc.
  • Aligning, reordering and grouping objects
  • Drag and drop images from desktop or web pages

Feature Overview

OX Guard v.2.6.0
  • Simplified and enhanced file encryption support for OX Drive and OX Documents
  • Simpler Guest Invitations
OX Drive Client v.2.4
  • Save back photos and videos to your camera roll. This is a new option in the folder menu
  • Remove files and folders from your trash with a new view in the navigation menu



Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield v1.2.1
  • Custom REST Endpoints can be created from Lua
  • Custom Web hooks can be called from Lua



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