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Securing and Safeguarding Subscribers, Families and Connected Devices
OX Protect

Provide your subscribers with protection for their family, their devices and all their smart, connected products from malware, phishing and other harmful online content with OX Protect. Let them filter inappropriate content for different profiles and control access during specific times. All without any additional hardware needed.

Securing devices and households

  • Family protection: control options for safe browsing
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  • Malware protection: securing traditional and IoT device
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  • Web portal and mobile apps to configure and manage family filters
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  • Your individual security solution with OX Protect
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OX Protect Datasheet

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Safe browsing with protection for families

OX Protect provides your subscribers with parental control options to create a safe browsing experience for their entire family. Access to categories of websites with unsuitable content such as gambling, violence, and more can be defined and managed per user, profile, group and device easily. Time windows help restricting temporary access for homework and sleep times. With immediate notification about infected devices and attempts to access malicious websites OX Protect lets parents keep calm while their kids are exploring the internet.

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Secure devices with malware protection

OX Protect also secures from malware, phishing, and malicious domains based on lookups in white- and blacklists. It protects your subscribers’ devices from being infected or hacked. In addition, OX Protect also detects infected devices and can inform users in real-time as well as recommend a specific action. This ensures OX Protect also guards IoT devices, which usually are not protected by an ‘on device’ anti-malware solution. Let the future come, OX Protect secures all devices on a network level.

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Easy-to-use end user applications

OX Protect comes with a whitelabeled web control panel and a brandable mobile app for iOS and Android. This lets your customers configure and manage their very own protection including specific user settings and device filters. Subscribers are able to create user profiles and groups to change permissions for multiple family members or devices at once, but also more granular options are available whenever needed.

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Security for your individual needs

OX Protect is highly customizable and configurable to meet your individual needs. The parental control web portal and mobile apps are brandable and can also be integrated with existing portals or applications. OX Protect is highly modular and comes with various APIs to ensure an easy integration in the existing environment and allows several ways of provisioning and controlling the solution. The dedicated Open-Xchange and OX PowerDNS security team is available to support your customization and implementation.

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OX Protect in a Nutshell

OX Protect lets you create a safe and secure online experience for your subscribers. It protects traditional digital equipment as well as IoT devices against malware, phishing and other harmful online content.

At the same time, it gives users easy to configure, flexible control of which sites different family members can visit and allows to restrict access at different times, like homework or bedtime. Using a web portal as well as iOS and Android apps, it works on all mobile and desktop devices with no additional hardware requirements. Customization and integration options let you provide a secure, unique internet experience for your subscribers.