Advantages of
OX PowerDNS   


  • High performance, outstanding efficiency and full monitoring
  • High resilience against malicious traffic protects operators
  • Parental control options ensure safe browsing for users
  • Product Support and Services delivered by the experts

OX PowerDNS Datasheet


Highly efficient, fully monitored 


OX PowerDNS delivers outstanding performance and provides users with a smooth internet browsing experience. It intelligently utilizes the available system resources in order to deliver a DNS-query result in the shortest possible timeframe. Its unique threaded architecture minimizes contention between CPU cores providing maximum performance. 

Automated reports, graphs and a real-time dashboard give details of the most important KPIs making it easier to identify problems quickly and respond rapidly to current attacks. OX PowerDNS also shows how events develop, comparing the latest data with prior stats to allow improved resource management.

DNS and malware protection for operators


An increase in malware attacks drives the need for additional security layers. OX PowerDNS comes with dynamic protection against subscriber originated issues, runaway traffic from high-bandwidth customers and DoS attacks. The platform analyses incoming DNS traffic for suspicious patterns and selectively blocks it if certain thresholds are broken. In this way the resolvers are protected and will keep functioning during a DNS-based DoS attack. The underlying OX PowerDNS malware filtering is an open platform that integrates with all major malware threat list providers.

Safe browsing with Parental Control 


The OX PowerDNS Parental Control solution safeguards users by providing safe browsing. The platform comes with an easy-to-use web control panel for managing and fine-tuning access to certain websites, either by the provider or by individual subscribers. It provides multi-level access control based on categories to define which domains should be blocked. In addition, Parental Control supports time windows and custom white and black lists. 

Professional Services
and Support know-how


Over 150.000 deployed instances and more than 150 million users are already served by PowerDNS. This know-how is available from Open-Xchange and PowerDNS experts who provide 24/7 support and additional services to ensure efficient implementation and smooth administration.

Additionally, PowerDNS benefits from a large Open Source community that actively engages in improving and optimizing the product. This also contributes to the expertise of Open-Xchange and PowerDNS professionals and ensures that we are always ahead of new DNS trends and threats.  

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