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Simple security for email and files
OX Guard

Security and data privacy is a growing concern. Today, both business users and consumers demand more privacy, without adding complexity to their daily tasks. OX Guard was designed specifically with this in mind. This PGP based security add-on for OX App Suite, integrates seamlessly into our existing email app, letting users encrypt and decrypt emails and files easily.

Easy to use encryption

  • Single-click security for emails and files
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  • Reliable encryption with established PGP standard
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  • Advanced key management for power users
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  • Guest mode for non-OX App Suite users
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Security made simple

There is a growing demand for privacy from users, while at the same time, they are concerned about increased complexity and reduced usability. OX Guard was designed to satisfy these concerns. An easy to use wizard lets users set up OX Guard quickly, with no additional security know-how. After set up users are able to encrypt and decrypt emails and files with just one click, integrating security seamlessly into day-to-day user workflows.

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The world’s most popular open security standard

OX Guard is based on the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption standard. Used to send and receive secure emails and encrypt files, this is one of the world’s leading encryption technologies. In addition to OX App Suite, PGP also allows users with other email clients to encrypt, decrypt and sign emails.

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Advanced PGP features

OX Guard makes it very easy for users to send and receive secure emails and store files safely. But, it also offers additional options for experienced PGP users. It allows advanced PGP key management with import, export and key sharing functionalities. This lets users benefit from simple and flexible security without forcing them to give up control.

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OX Guard for everyone

It goes without saying that OX Guard is designed to communicate between other OX Guard users. But, because it is based on open security standards, it also works with other PGP services. Guest mode allows non-security-enabled recipients outside of the Open-Xchange environment to receive secure OX Guard messages. OX Guard’s guest mode is also brandable so that your customers can promote your solution to others while using it.

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OX Guard in a Nutshell

OX Guard is a security add-on to OX App Suite, enabling your users to encrypt email and files easily. It uses PGP, the world’s most powerful and popular open security standard, to equip your customers with state-of-the-art encryption without adding complexity. A setup wizard and one-click workflows ensure flexibility and ease of use for new and advanced users alike. Operation is seamless between OX Guard users, other PGP environments, and even for non-security-enabled recipients, thanks to OX Guard’s guest mode.

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