Simple security for email and files

OX Guard

OX Guard is designed to make security for email and files seamless and simple and in making things simple, Open-Xchange makes security work.

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Benefits of using OX Guard with PGP

The primary benefit for people who require more private, and secure email is simplicity. OX Guard does not just provide peace of mind, it applies the PGP encryption standard to assure that communications are read only by those who to whom they are sent.

For advanced users, OX Guard offers all the flexibility of PGP but without complexity. Key import/export is made simple and what’s more, power-users can keep using their favorite PGP clients.

For businesses, who have technical support, but need a simple user experience, OX Guard cannot be beaten. For example, it is perfect for a legal office where the system is setup by an admin, but where individuals want it to work as before, with no change to their existing workflow.


Benefits for Hosters

Security is a growing concern for everyone: both people using online, connected technologies and the companies responsible for providing this technology. And because of this, end customers (especially smaller businesses) are willing to pay for levels of secure products and services. OX Guard gives hoster companies a platform from which to deliver a simple and secure solution that matches customer expectations.

With OX Guard, hosters can offer it to address the privacy concerns of their cusomters or as a differentiator and part of a premium package.

OX Guard with PGP secures communication

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