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Real-Time Email Marketing Platform
OX Engage

Based on Open-Xchange’s revolutionary IMAP injection technology, OX Engage provides telcos and service providers the ability to reach more of their customers and increase revenue potential. Display emails in your customers’ inboxes with our patented solution (patent US9531785B1) and monetize users irrespective of their preferred email client. Whether they use webmail, desktop clients or mobile apps, your users will receive your email communication on all devices.

A unique reach with client-independent email injection

  • IMAP-based email deliverability with OX Dovecot Pro
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  • Reach all users independently of clients or apps
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  • OX Engage for alerting users about important topics and more
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OX Engage Datasheet

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Guaranteed deliverability

Open-Xchange has developed a completely new ad format: OX Engage. OX Engage does not publish ad mails, newsletters and more by sending regular emails. It injects an email into your users’ inboxes on the IMAP level using OX Dovecot Pro. This ensures that your messages reach your users when they are engaged with their emails, because the message is delivered regardless of the device and client they are using. It always appears at the top of their inbox and bypasses server-side spam filtering – so delivery is guaranteed!

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OX Engage - Client-independent IMAP Injection

Reach all your users

OX Engage displays emails in a user’s inbox based on IMAP. This means that those mails are available on every browser-based webmail, desktop client and mobile app letting you monetize users regardless of their preferred email solution. This of course also includes displaying emails in the OX App Suite web interface and the OX Mail App.

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Database and campaign management

Control and manage campaigns through one convenient dashboard. Schedule one-time messages with ease or set up recurring campaigns. Simultaneously run split-testing with up to ten versions of a single campaign based on subject line, email body, segment, delivery vendor and more. Receive real-time stats so that you know which version performs best. Because of our open API’s, it is possible to fully integrate your preferred DMP, backend CRM or data warehouse to our frontend in order to easily update lists, schedule campaigns, review statistics and more.

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Understand your users, optimize your communication

Thanks to a robust in-depth analytics engine, OX can provide high-performance, member activity drill-down and delivery analysis. This includes campaign and link tags aggregated by day, week and month. With these comprehensive insights, you are able to manually and also automatically target your users based on any engagement level, behavior, geographical location, device usage, browser selection or other measurements and provide them with valuable content.

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Alert users about important topics and more

OX Engage can also be used to reach specific users based on their individual needs. Welcome new subscribers, reactivate your passive users, upsell customers to premium plans, recirculate your users to other products or simply point them to your daily deals and special offers.
In addition, non-advertising goals can be met by OX Engage: send regular newsletters, inform about contract notifications or shoot highly important public alerts and notes to your customers. Discover the many ways you can use OX Engage to connect with your customers.

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OX Engage in a Nutshell

OX Engage is a new premium ad format: a patented solution that lets you place emails in your customers’ inboxes on all devices, desktop clients or mobile apps. Based on OX Dovecot Pro, it injects mails on an IMAP level and therefore is completely device- and software-independent. An advanced campaign management tool can be used to manage, configure and split test promotional emails. This injection technology lets you monetize all your users regardless of the email client, app or device they are using at the moment.

But, OX Engage can also be used for non-advertising needs, for example to simply communicate with your customers or notify and alert about important topics. Monetize your users with OX products and OX Engage.

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