A simpler way to store, sync and share
OX Drive

People today demand access to their files regardless of where they are, or what device they are using. OX Drive delivers this, and more, offering easy to use and consistent file management across devices.

Engage your customers

OX Drive like functionality is now becoming a must have to both consumers and SMBs. Open-Xchange gives you the option to simply add OX Drive to your existing offerings, Stand-Alone, or provide it as additional functionality in a fully integrated OX App Suite solution. Both these solutions deliver excellent value to your customers’, deepening customer engagement and allowing you to deliver fully against your business goals.

Turbo-charge your upsell potential

OX Drive increases your scope to upsell your customer. This includes paying for more storage, additional security options and collaborative editing functionality. In addition when your customers start sharing outside of the OX Drive environment you have the opportunity to present your brand and product portfolio to non-OX Drive users.

A world of possibilities

When OX Drive is fully integrated into OX App Suite and used with the native mobile app, OX Drive is a key component of any customer engagement strategy. Whether your focus is on growing ARPU, building brand identity or increasing retention, together OX Drive and OX App Suite provide the ideal solution.
In addition to sychronized files on every device, indivduals can integrate files and content from other popular storage services to maintain one Cloud storage solution for their entire digital life.

Promote your brand not theirs

The choice is often stark, invest to develop your own branded solution or promote somebody else’s. With OX Drive you have a third option: a complete white-label solution that allows you to build your own brand identity. Spend your marketing dollars to bring your customer to your offering, rather than promoting another brand.

OX Drive clients

OX Drive clients have been developed specifically for ease-of-use and for use on iOS and Android. These native clients take into account the specifications and limitations of the device they are running on and automatically fit the screen size with upload/download performed in line with individual bandwidth, mobile data and battery requirements. On desktop devices synchronization is performed as changes are made to documents and files.

Many devices, just one drive

So how does it work?

OX Drive delivers smart file and folder synchronization. Based on specially designed clients optimized for a number of device types and operating systems, it enables users to view and edit their documents – anytime, anyplace – and share files with others. With new sharing functionality, individuals can invite friends via guest mode to review, edit and save changes to documents right within their browser and without downloading software.

A flexible solution system

Behind the user interface, OX Drive allows service providers to store data in-house, leverage external Cloud-based storage, or combine both options. Simply choose to plug in a Cloud solution as a stopgap while you increase your own capacity in line with demand or outsource storage completely from the start. Whatever the preference, OX Drive is a flexible solution that helps service providers balance CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

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