OX Documents 
Powering up the office

OX Documents is a high-performing, fully integrated office suite for consumers and businesses alike.
It comes with OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation so that users have everything they need at their fingertips.

OX Documents Suite Integration

All Open-Xchange office products are fully integrated into OX App Suite, delivering users the combined power of OX Documents and OX App Suite.

Integration means more than just imbedded into OX App Suite, it means true sharing of functionality throughout OX App Suite. For example, all OX Documents share collaborations functionality, storage and sharing features, complete round-trip compatibility and single-click intelligent emailing.

Round-trip Editing

All aspects of OX Documents supports other editors and formats, such as .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files to name just a few.

If a document contains an element that is not recognized, then a placeholder takes its place. When finished editing the document can then be opened up again in its original editor and everything will be intact, together with your new edits.

We call this ‘Round Trip Editing’: A legacy document can be opened up in OX Documents, saved back to your local drive and then seamlessly re-edit it in the original editor.

OX Presentation

For one and all

Build, present, maintain and collaborate on a presentation anywhere and on any engine with Open-Xchange

OX Presentation

OX Presentation is an online presentation editor that feels and performs just like an offline tool. Users can work wherever they want to, and thanks to OX Drive, access any online content synchronized with any mobile device.

To collaborate or not to collaborate

Users can work alone, locally, synchronized, online or in collaborative groups. Together with OX Drive safe sharing, synchronization, emailing, downloading and presenting is simple and secure.


Building a presentation requires design consistency, particularly when working with a strict corporate identity. With the template function users can layout their pages quickly and consistently.

Templates and Maintenance

The templates feature is easy to use and compatible with other editors. Supporting master and content slides provides consistency across multiple presentations and makes maintenance simple.

Legacy Transparency

Thanks to Open-Xchange’s round-trip functionality OX Presentation users can now work transparent with legacy PowerPoint documents, OX Presentation and OX Presenter.

Two Distinct Phases

Open-Xchange has identified that presentation work has two distinct phases: Building the presentation and delivering the presentation. That is why Open-Xchange has two distinct apps for handling presentations: OX Presentation for building and OX Presenter for performing.

OX Presenter

OX Presenter lets users play/present a presentation to others. The user simply clicks on a presentation file and they enter presenter mode.

Local and Remote Presentations

While users mostly make local presentations, making remote presentations to an audience spread across any number of locations is just as easy. The user can simply shares a link with the target audience; they then simply login to follow the show on their own screens.

The presenter-view mode allows the host to see upcoming slides while the audience only sees the current, and relevant, slide.




OX Text

Making work easier

A premium word processor with real-time collaboration, OX Text is the perfect way for providers to win and keep customers.

OX Text: Swift, Simple and Smooth

Fully integrated with OX App Suite, OX Text is a web-based word processor that supports online collaboration. OX Text is accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device, simplifying workflows and increasing productivity.

Collaboration Without Lock-in

OX Text simplifies teamwork by letting users edit the same documents in real time together. It can take complex legacy documents, move them into the cloud and enable individuals or teams to work on them together.

OX Text always works in the documents original format. All edits are added, the documents remain undamaged and there is absolutely no lock-in.

Comment and Discuss

If users cannot collaborate in real time, they can always add comments and questions to the document. These can then be replied to directly, within the document, providing a full and flexible discussion.

Universal Change Tracking

OX Text provides real-time access to the latest version of any document. It also supports asynchronous workflows.

Change tracking allows users to see who made what changes in any document. Any edits made in OX Text also show up as tracked changes in other editors (such as MS Word) and vice versa.

OX Spreadsheet

The winning formula

OX Spreadsheet, the cloud-based spreadsheet application that lets users edit and share numbers from any location.

A Compelling Offering

OX Spreadsheet is an attractive addition to OX App Suite that users will appreciate. Its straightforward, intuitive design makes for a better user experience, greater customer engagement and ultimately tighter loyal

Greater Simplicity, Reduced Complexity

OX Spreadsheet allows users to edit, share and work collaboratively on spreadsheets. It delivers a host of features from carts to array/matrix formulas.

OX Spreadsheet boasts a clean and uncluttered interface that logically gathers features together in horizontal tabs and makes it very simple to you.

Spreadsheets Anywhere

OX Spreadsheet is a cloud-based application supporting seamless mobile-office workflows. Its responsive design scales the viewing format to fit the screen size whether it’s a desktop PC or a smartphone.

OX Documents Datasheet