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OX Display

OX Display provides Telcos and Service Providers with a high potential opportunity to monetize OX products using advertising spaces within OX App Suite. OX Display lets you publish user relevant ads on web and mobile interfaces without effecting usability and user experience. With individual customizations and configuration options, OX Display perfectly integrates into your implementation and adapts to your needs.

Advertising Capabilities within OX Products


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Simple and Effective Display Advertising

OX Display enables advertizing options with OX App Suite to maximize your revenue with OX products. It connects advertisers with the OX App Suite interface allowing you to publish non-intrusive yet effective ads. OX Display comes with various pre-defined ad formats like maxi ads, supreme ads, wallpapers and also IAB standard formats like skyscrapers, medium rectangles and mobile content ads. The default formats guarantee a fast market entry, but of course OX Display also supports individual customizations and configurations.

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OX Display - Effective Display Advertising

Individual Configuration and Customization

OX Display offers ready to use configuration options to display ads in all or just specific OX App Suite modules. But it can also be configured and adapted to your individual needs. Several ad spaces, sizes, reload and cool down timers are available and can be customized. You can also choose to display ads only for specific user clusters based on the respective class of service. For example, ads can be published for free users only or premium ads for paying users.

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Convenient ad formats on all devices

The OX Display integrates seamlessly into OX App Suite on all devices. It automatically identifies a user’s device and adjusts the ad formats responsively to the customized settings. Ads for OX Mobile apps can be configured accordingly. Yet, the basic concept of non-intrusive ads is omnipresent. Regardless of the web or mobile interfaces, usability and ease-of-use always comes first.

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Adapting to your individual implementation

OX Display can be implemented in your data centers as part of your OX on-premise solution. It is also available with »OX as a Service« (OXaaS), the highly scalable, fully managed and hosted delivery platform for Open-Xchange products and services. Regardless of your choice of implementation, Open-Xchange’s advertising specialists are available to advise, install, customize and configure your individual implementation of OX Display.

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OX Display in a Nutshell

OX Display allows you to monetize OX products using advertising possibilities. Pre-defined and customizable ad-spaces can be configured to publish effective ads without effecting usability and user experience. OX Display can be connected to all common ad servers to make use of existing platforms. OX advertising specialists will support your individual installation, customization and configuration, either on-premise in your data centers or hosted by Open-Xchange with OX as a Service (OXaaS). The Open-Xchange Customer Success team can support with onboarding and activation best practices and activities to ensure an optimized user basis for advertising monetization. Discover exceptional revenue potentials and monetize your customer base with user-friendly advertising powered by OX Display.

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