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OX App Suite
The email and storage platform for you, your business or your family.

OX App Suite is an easy-to-use communication and productivity platform for both home and business. It offers everything from email, calendaring to cloud storage and office document editing.

Easy to use, OX App Suite works on most devices and browsers, with apps for Android and iOS, delivering access to your account and personal data anywhere, anytime.

Your data is safe & secure, you can relax knowing that all of your communication is stored on servers in Germany and protected by the strictest data privacy laws.

OX App Suite  helps you run your business more efficiently by offering professional-grade applications for communication, collaboration and productivity.

OX App Suite Introduction


More than just email, Mail can be as easy or as powerful as you make it. Just send an email, or dive deeper and find a rich array of surprising and helpful features, all designed to help you and your team get things done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Category Tabs, Drive Mail, drag & drop, full text search, add other email accounts you have, time saving links to calendar, drive or documents – just give it a try – you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be up and running!

OX Calendar Calendar
OX Contact Address Book
OX Tasks Tasks
_black OX Drive
_black OX Documents

Never miss a meeting and clearly see your schedule. Schedule appointments with colleagues and external contacts, see different time zones and set reminders for meetings, events or birthdays.

You can set up private, shared or even external calendars. Time management suddenly becomes easy and visible.

Address Book

As you would expect, you can create, share and search for contacts, or even copy them from your other devices. What you might not expect is that you can access your Address Book from anywhere – simply log in no matter what device you’re using.


Whether it’s a one-time reminder to buy milk or a weekly nudge to prepare that document for work, you can keep track of all your to-dos in Tasks. The best part – add as little or as much detail as needed and assign tasks to others to complete.

OX Drive

Access, store, synch and share documents, photos, music and videos on any device. With the OX Drive mobile app, you can access your data anywhere. With OX Drive on your laptops you can keep files and folders synchronized too. You and now truly mobile.

OX Documents

Easily work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations across any of your devices. Work in a single document with family members or friends. See edits as others type and take over editing the documents for easy collaboration. No need to remember to hit save, all changes are saved automatically. Fully compatible with most popular formats.

What’s in the Box?

OX App Suite is a suite of applications designed to make your business and personal life easier. The individual applications such as Mail, Calendar, Storage, Documents or Tasks are tightly connected to reduce clicks, make things more intuitive and keep things simple. From within the Drive storage app Documents lets you edit existing documents, create a new document and even collaboratively edit a document with multiple people.

Features that Excite!

Drive Mail

Many email servers refuse to accept email attachments over a certain size. With OX App Suite you can tell it to send a link to the attachment instead. The recipient can then easily download the attachment problem free.

Inbox Views

Make your inbox your own. It’s easy – just select your preferred inbox layout. Choose from List, Vertical and Horizontal views and the app will even remember your preferred views for you.

Attachments Preview

Simply click on an attachment before you download it to see a mini preview. Double-clicking opens a full-sized preview so you can read a document, smile at a photo, or even give a presentation.

Drag & Drop

Adding attachments has never been easier – just drag and drop them into your email compose window. You can even insert the attachment directly into the email text. And of course, you can also attach a file by browsing through your local file directory.

If you want to try OX App Suite, or already using it, please click here for more info: