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OX App Suite

In your data center

Built primarily for businesses whose physical location and security needs are mission-critical. OX App Suite On-Premise is our email, communication, collaboration and storage software installed in your data center. Your Open-Xchange team makes sure your system is up and running smoothly with their top-notch support, custom solutions, and expert advice and insights.

Your system, your data, our expertise

  • Deployed in your data center
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  • Easy integration with your ecosystem
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  • Support with architecture, design and implementation
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  • Go-live with Open-Xchange's support
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  • 24/7 Tier 3 support from Open-Xchange specialists
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Technical Information

Visit oxpedia to get more information about installing OX products on-the-premise.

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Contact Open-Xchange for detailed information, specific OX On-Premise questions, pricing and more.

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Deployed in your data center

We know businesses such as security companies, whose physical location and unconventional requirements are critical, must use software installed on in-house hardware. If that’s you, OX App Suite On-Premise is the perfect solution. You control the installation, and customer data does not leave your environment.

Open-Xchange does more than sell you a software license. We make IT easier because we support you in every phase of the project. We help you decide what you need, help you implement the solution and launch, and work with your team to ensure smooth daily operations. OX expert staff are always there to help you with technical advice, support, maintenance, and custom solutions.

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Integrates with your ecosystem

We designed OX App Suite with optimal performance and user experience in mind. It is adaptable, its architecture is scalable, resilient, and efficient.  OX App Suite deployments currently serve millions of users each. OX App Suite can be customized to meet your needs and fit your existing ecosystem.

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Technical support to go-live

Open-Xchange professionals support you right from the start. Together we analyze your current ecosystem and determine what you need from OX App Suite. Then we conduct a detailed proof-of-concept and install OX App Suite on your system. We support you through the software’s implementation and migration, all the way to go-live.

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Go-live strategy

A successful launch goes beyond the technical details. Your customers’ experience is crucial. Open-Xchange experts help you with every aspect of the launch, and that includes taking the best care of your customers. Our Customer Success Team comes to your site to train support and sales staff. We also provide custom communications, such as emails and promotional and support pages, you can use to help keep your users informed and happy.

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Support during operation

Our Open-Xchange support team is there to guarantee your OX App Suite installation runs smoothly and your users have an easy, productive experience. We offer a variety of support service plans. Each tier provides a different level of service and performance. From general product questions to frontend and backend issues or implementation problems, support from Open-Xchange is always there.

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OX App Suite On-Premise
in a Nutshell

We deploy OX App Suite in your datacenter. The software is flexible and easy to integrate with your current infrastructure. Designed to serve millions of users, OX App Suite combines efficiency with performance. It scales out easily and is exceptionally resilient. Open-Xchange experts help you with the initial design, answer architectural questions, assist with the implementation and user migration, and provide customer services to keep your users happy. With strong SLAs and 24/7 operations, Open-Xchange supports you from proof-of-concept through your on-going operation.

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