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OX App Suite Deployment Options
Three ways we make IT easy

We deliver our easy-to-use communication, productivity, and collaboration software, OX App Suite, to you in one of three ways:

  • On-Premise: you manage the installation and host it in your data center,
  • Managed: we build a custom, branded cloud option and host it in our data center, or
  • Cloud: we create a custom solution that we manage and host in our data center.

You choose.

OX App Suite Your Way

OX App Suite makes email, communication, and collaboration easy, fast, and secure. Everything you need to run your IT business on one platform. You decide how to package and deliver OX App Suite. You also decide how we deliver OX App Suite to you.

The choice is yours.

OX App Suite On-Premise

You purchase the software, and together we install it in your data center.

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OX App Suite Managed

We build a custom OX App Suite solution that is hosted and managed in our data centers.

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OX App Suite Cloud

You choose an OX App Suite solution that we manage and host for you.

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