Meet the number
one IMAP server
Dovecot Pro

The world’s market-leading IMAP server, Dovecot Pro, delivers dynamic scalability, high performance, efficient utilization of hardware and outstanding support to the world's largest Telcos and ISP's.

Advantages of
Dovecot Pro  


  • Proven dynamic scalability and excellent hardware utilization
  • Advanced security and protection
  • Service and support direct from Open-Xchange and Dovecot professionals
  • Better together: OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro

Dovecot Pro Datasheet


Dynamic scalability and excellent hardware utilization


With 72% market share, many customers trust the performance of Dovecot Pro. Efficient hardware utilization and advanced monitoring tools for statistics and administration reduce TCO and save time and maintenance costs.

In addition, Dovecot Pro scales up and out to hundreds of servers and millions of users. Its stateless native architecture offers maximum flexibility as each major component can be deployed on its own dedicated node. 

Security and protection


Dovecot Pro provides different security options throughout the product. Emails are stored securely and can be sent fully encrypted, while frontend security is provided by Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield. Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield addresses the problem of login abuse and protects against WebMail, IMAP and POP attacks.

Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield

Professional Services
and Support


Open-Xchange and Dovecot professionals provide 24/7 support based on clearly defined SLA's. To optimize performance the same experienced specialists also handle design, architecture and customization. Automated testing of your Dovecot Pro implementation before new releases and access to the certified Dovecot Pro package repository is also available.

Open-Xchange and Dovecot experts can also help ensure a smooth migration from existing deployments. Using the Dovecot Pro Migration Framework enables massive email migrations involving millions of mailboxes.

OX App Suite with
Dovecot Pro


Both Dovecot Pro and OX App Suite are strong on their own, but even better together. Various innovative OX App Suite features and functions like push notifications , unique advertising options and the attachment view in OX Drive are based on Dovecot Pro. Contact us for more details on the benefits of
OX App Suite with Dovecot Pro.

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