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Superior Performance with
DNS Load Balancing
OX PowerDNS DNSdist

DNSdist is a unique DNS proxy and load balancer that brings out the best possible performance in any DNS deployment. It optimizes DNS traffic in front of the OX PowerDNS Recursor, and both are normally deployed together to provide an unrivaled feature set for DNS service. DNSdist also delivers low latency DNS responses with any legacy DNS servers on the network. Provide your subscribers with optimized delivery while adding an additional layer of security through DNS encryption and protection against DDoS and abusive traffic.

Load Balancing DNS Traffic with DNSdist

DNS Encryption Whitepaper

Download the DNS encryption whitepaper to learn more about DoH and DoT with DNSdist.

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For a Rapid, Secure Internet Experience

DNSdist protects and filters subscribers’ DNS traffic and acts as a load balancer in front of recursive servers. It is a highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware load balancer that routes requests of your subscribers to the best available server. DNSdist optimizes the DNS traffic of hundreds of millions of internet subscribers, providing top performance and rapid content delivery.

DNS-Aware Load Balancing

DNSdist is a uniquely powerful DNS proxy that offers DNS-aware load balancing using a variety of balancing and high availability techniques. It provides a policy engine for smart routing of outgoing queries to allow distribution to ‘backend’ resolvers in a dynamic way, for example, using ‘round robin’ or send queries to the OX PowerDNS Recursor that has the fullest cache.

DNS Encryption with DoH and DoT

DNSdist supports incoming DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) connections to protect traffic from the client to DNSdist. This lets you offer additional privacy to your subscribers and protect their personal data against interception and profiling. Providing an encryption-capable DNS resolver is also vital to prevent DNS requests moving to ‘OTT DNS providers’. DNSdist provides such an encrypted DNS service and lets network operators keep control over subscribers’ DNS traffic.

Protection against DDoS and Abuse

DNSdist is highly optimized to protect against malicious and abusive traffic. A flexible policy engine allows enabling new rules and filters to suit the characteristics of local traffic. Combined with rate limiting of incoming requests per IP address/CIDR, it provides comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. DNSdist also detects and blocks DNS tunneling and exfiltration and prevents misuse of the DNS services as a communication channel. A reporting interface provides query statistics, hit rates and status notifications, letting you monitor performance and protective activities.

Fully Capable with OX PowerDNS or Legacy DNS

DNSdist is ideal to balance DNS traffic in front of the OX PowerDNS Recursor. However, DNSdist also protects, balances and filters DNS traffic for legacy DNS recursive servers. This flexibility provides a simple solution by adding the very important DNS encryption standards DoH and DoT to your legacy DNS setup. Regardless of your deployment, Open-Xchange experts are available to assist with support and services whenever needed.

DNSdist in a Nutshell

DNSdist is a state-of-the-art DNS-aware load balancer that protects, balances and filters subscribers’ DNS traffic in front of recursive servers and is used to optimize the DNS traffic of hundreds of millions of internet subscribers. It is optimized to protect against malicious and abusive traffic such as DDoS attacks, DNS tunneling and exfiltration. To meet specific needs and local requirements, DNSdist is completely flexible and customizable based on a LUA scripting language. It also comes with the crucial DNS encryption support for DoH and DoT that are required today, ultimately letting you retain control over your subscribers’ DNS traffic and all the possibilities that come with it. A monitoring interface provides you with data, analyses and notifications about performance and attacks. Of course, DNSdist is built to interact seamlessly with the OX PowerDNS Recursor, but also improves and adds additional functionality (such as encryption) to your existing DNS recursive servers.

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