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  • Portal - In today’s digital world, prioritizing who, what and how to connect with people consumes a lot of time and effort. OX Portal is the starting place for an overview of all online interaction: social messaging, RSS, meetings, versioning of files. Fully customizable, the OX Portal can become the single hub for service providers to showcase value-added services and integrate offerings via a single user interface.
  • Mail - Manage all email accounts from various email providers with push-button ease to create a unified Inbox. OX App Suite provides a central interface for all email communication. With OX App Suite, save the trouble of logging into multiple sites or launching more than one application.
  • Calendar - Managing time in the virtual and physical world is more and more a challenge. OX Calendar makes group appointment scheduling simple and visual. It also lets users integrate external social calendars and share them with others.
  • Contacts - A single address book: who doesn’t need a single version of the truth for all their important stakeholders. This central, one-stop repository contains all information from private to professional, and with Halo View can serve-up details across OX App Suite – be it email addresses or mailing lists, imported social contact data or collected interaction.

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