What’s New from Open-Xchange

With OX App Suite v.7.8.4, Open-Xchange has enhanced both usability and workflow to help users to get the most out of OX App Suite.
Open-Xchange also announces the new OX Documentation v7.8.4 and OX Guard v2.8.0.
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  • An OX Drive Image/Photo Slideshow
  • A new Email Unread Folder
  • Custom Default Fonts for Emails
  • Improved Sharing Dialog in OX Drive

OX App Suite v7.8.4 

As always Open-Xchange strives to improve the usability and functionality of its products, and this release is no exception. Based on extended usability testing and customer feedback this version features:

  • The ability to collect and export User Feedback with Star-Ratings and Comments
  • Improved 3rd Party Account Wizards and Settings
  • Client Onboarding Wizard on Mobile Devices
  • Support for IMAP \Flagged in addition to or as a replacement for Color Flags
  • The ability to trigger OX Presentation from OX Mail
  • Improved Mail Filter Support with more Conditions and Actions
  • An alternative to IMAP master authentication based on OAuth 2.0

OX App Suite Feature Overview

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OX Documents 

OX Documents has always been a very compelling feature that attracts customers to OX App Suite. This fully integrated suite has now become even more attractive with the following enhancements: 

  • Support for Encrypted Documents - Improved workflows for creating secure documents
  • Work with Shapes - Insert and edit all shapes from OX Presentation also in OX Text and OX Spreadsheet
  • OX Text: Table of Content Support
  • OX Spreadsheet: New Formula Toolbar
  • OX Presentation: Support for OpenOffice / LibreOffice

OX Documents Feature Overview


OX Guard v2.8.0 

After extended usability testing and customer feedback, OX Guard is now even more user friendly for non-security aware users.

With the new release, Open-Xchange integrates OX Guard more closely with OX App Suite, particularly when composing and reading emails. OX Guard now makes use of the native OX App Suite functions for viewing and composing emails, thus creating a seamless experience between encrypted and non-encrypted messages.

OX Guard Data Sheet


OX Drive v2.6

People today demand access to their files regardless of where they are, or what device they are using. OX Drive delivers this, and more, offering easy to use and consistent file management across devices.

New features in OX Drive v2.6.2 for Apple iOS:

  • The code base has been completely rewritten and is now based on Swift
  • The user interface (UI) is a lot more responsive
  • Custom UI elements have been replaced with native layouts
  • Save back photos and videos to your camera roll. This is a new option in the folder menu.
  • Remove files and folders from your trash with a new view in the navigation menu.

OX Drive Datasheet


Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield v1.4.0

Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield provides abuse-prevention for Webmail, POP, and IMAP. It integrates with both OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro to prevent login and authentication abuse and protects against brute-force attacks. 

Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield release 1.4.0 includes:

  • The base DAAS package ships with a simple policy to handle brute-forcing protection. This is now supplemented with a separate package providing a comprehensive anti-abuse policy, with easy configuration, containing over 16 different policies including restrictions based on GeoIP, and user/IP whitelisting.
  • Support for GeoIP based on City and ISP databases
  • Support for reloading GeoIP databases without restarting DAAS
  • Blacklisting based on CIDR ranges not just individual IP addresses

Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield Datasheet


Previous Releases from Open-Xchange

OX App Suite v7.8.3

  • Webmail Push - The web interface now notifies users immediately when emails arrive
  • Improved Scheduling View - Better usability for larger meetings with more participants
  • Preview Images of Shared Files – More visual usability in Drive Mail

OX App Suite v7.8.3 Feature Overview


OX Documents v7.8.3

  • Work with OX Guard encrypted documents
  • Improved document rendering on platforms where no MS Office standard fonts are available
  • Display and edit shapes in OX Text

OX Documents v7.8.3 Feature Overview


OX Guard v2.6.0

  • Simplified and enhanced file encryption support for OX Drive and OX Documents
  • Simpler Guest Invitations

OX Presentation v7.8.3 

  • Non-destructive support for PowerPoint files (2007 and later)
  • Master and layout slides to work with less effort
  • Powerful text frame options
  • Shape gallery with lines, squares, circles, etc.
  • Aligning, reordering and grouping objects
  • Drag and drop images from desktop or web pages

OX Presentation v7.8.3 Feature Overview


Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield v1.2.0 

  • Persistent Replicated Blacklists - Anti-Abuse Shield is able to store permanent or time-expiring entries for IP addresses and logins which are blacklisted. Blacklist entries are optionally persisted in a Redis DB, and can be replicated to all cluster members. Blacklist entries can be viewed and manipulated through Lua scripts or via the HTTP REST API.
  • Webhooks - Webhooks can be configured to send events to configured webhook endpoints, such as analytics solutions, through HTTP(S). The following events can be sent via a webhook: Report, Allow, Add Blacklist Entry, Delete Blacklist Entry and Expire Blacklist Entry.

Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield Data Sheet