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Never Stop Innovating: OX Summit 2018 Nashville, TN

This year in Nashville business leaders and tech executives met up with OX senior management and product experts. Together they discussed the OX ecosystem, the value of the platform and the future of IT and OX alike.

The Summit encouraged business leaders to consider the value of the OX platform, and how a trusted cross-platform ecosystem can generate new revenue streams.

Enjoy the following recap material and stay tuned for future OX Summit information.

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OXS18 | Tim O'Reilly | WTF? What's the Future?

OXS18 | Tim O'Reilly & Rafael Laguna - Digging...

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WTF? What's the Future?

and Why It's Up to Us

Tim O'Reilly

Founder & CEO, O'Reilly Media

The Power of Federated Services

How a trusted, cross-platform ecosystem of software, hardware, and open source companies can create and maintain open markets and generate new revenue streams. 

Rafael Laguna
CEO, Open-Xchange

How do they break through fingerprint and reputation?
Let´s see a real life phishing attack

Adrien Gendre

Chief Solution Architect, Vade Secure

OX Protect

Securing and Safeguarding Subscribers, Families and Connected Devices.

Neil Cook

VP Product, Security, Open-Xchange

Why does it matter?

Winning in an all Cloud World

Jérôme Lecat

CEO, Scality

Email Accessibility and Reliability

Maximize customer experience and deliver CAPEX and OPEX savings with Dovecot Pro and Scality Object Storage, the Rackspace Experience

Dan Shain

Director R&D, Rackspace Cloud Office

Catch the Moment
Extracting maximum value from OX Ad Engine and Promotional Mail

Florian Steps

Director Monetization, Open-Xchange

Thanks to all our OX Summit Partners