Open-Xchange started in 2005 with the clear aim of developing software and services that give businesses the freedom to excel and to connect people via the Internet.

Today, with a proven record in agile software development, OX continues on this mission delivering the only integrated, open-source stack for messaging, collaboration and productivity for the service-provider industry.

For us, staying ruthlessly open and flexible in everything we do allows for integrity and communication to remain center stage with people. This is core to how we share success with our clients and it is the commitment we make to our employees and community. OX is a privately held company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in North America and Europe. Our products and services now reach more than 200 million people worldwide.

In 2015, Open-Xchange merged with two open source innovators in trustable software who have made Internet services simply work: Dovecot and PowerDNS.





Dovecot allows service providers to deploy a secure, scalable email system – the world’s most dependable IMAP software deployed on 72% of the world’s Linux servers. 

Dovecot is the market leader of the most scalable IMAP software in the world with over 4 million Linux servers installed with Dovecot’s powerful software.

Dovecot has become a part of the OX family with a shared and deep-rooted commitment to an open source model for delivering trusted applications become the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software for ISP’s, Telcos, Cable companies and Cloud Providers. Learn more about Dovecot Pro and the technology that is powering the world’s email infrastructure here.

Providers trust PowerDNS to secure that hoster and ISP Internet performance is never called into question, for the best customer experience and DoS and Malware attacks.

For more than a decade, PowerDNS has been an open source project supporting the guts and bolts of the Internet’s performance. Now, as part of the Open-Xchange family, the community, developers and their commitment to exceptional support and a strengthening overall mission is paramount to the value being added to trusted infrastructure services.

New products are being developed that are integrated with our flagship platform, OX App Suite. If you don’t realize how important DNS is to building trust with your customer, learn more here.

OX Leadership team

At Open-Xchange, leadership is more a mindset than a title. The nature of our organization is geared towards a flat hierarchy and an open way of working together. The leadership team supports this approach through a mix of business expertise, entrepreneurial experience and operational know-how.

Our culture encourages an open approach – exploring, experimenting and mixing things up. You can see the results everywhere – in our people, in our partners and how we develop multi-cultural teams. OX teams travel the world as leaders in their field, consistently inspired to drive client success across the entire lifecycle.

Open-Xchange has assembled an all-star management team to maintain this tradition, delivering choice and trust in software and technology online.

Take a look for yourself…

Rafael Laguna
Chief Executive Officer

A co-founder of Open-Xchange, Laguna was chairman of the board until 2008... read more >

Frank Hoberg
EVP Sales

Hoberg is a co-founder of Open-Xchange and serves as executive... read more >

Carsten Dirks
Chief Operating Officer

Dirks is responsible for engineering, research & development and daily... read more >

Uwe Reumuth
Chief Financial Officer

Reumuth is responsible for the financial management of Open-Xchange... read more >

Chris Latterell
VP Marketing

Latterell is responsible for worldwide marketing, driving thought... read more >

Stephan Martin
Senior VP Services

Over the past 10 years, Martin has built Open-Xchange’s professional... read more >

Bob Krulcik
SVP, Sales & Business Development - The Americas

Krulcik is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of... read more >

Mikko Linnamäki
Co-Founder, Dovecot OY Business Development

Linnamäki is co-founder of Dovecot OY, the company behind the most popular... read more >

Bert Hubert
Principal, PowerDNS

With over 20 years in commercial and open source software development and... read more >

Timo Sirainen
Creator & Lead Developer, Dovecot OY

Sirainen programmed the Dovecot IMAP Server in 2002, releasing the first... read more >

Freedom and openness is the philosophy of the technology we are using and also the value we are delivering to the market.”

Rafael Laguna, CEO

OX Supervisory Board

Richard Seibt | Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Richard Seibt has over 35 years experience in the IT business and became Open-Xchange Chairman in 2006. As managing director at IBM Germany, he handled sales and marketing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. He then worked for IBM North America as VP software sales and marketing and as general manager worldwide for the OS/2 operating system. In 1998, he became an executive management board member at United Internet. In 2003, Seibt was appointed CEO at SuSE Linux and in 2004 (following the company’s acquisition by Novell), he became president of Novell Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since leaving Novell in 2005, he has been working as CEO at the openBIT association and as a business angel and board member for several other IT companies.

Dr. Oliver Mauss

Oliver Mauss is CEO of United Internet Ventures, where he leads all investment activities. He joined United Internet in 2008 and was CEO of its hosting business and 1&1 Internet until 2013. He holds several non-executive board positions in Internet companies, such as, united domains, uberall and Sedo. Before joining United Internet, Mauss was group director of business marketing at Vodafone. During his 11 years at Vodafone, he held various senior executive positions in product management, marketing and sales. For almost two decades, Oliver’s professional focus has been on scalable mobile and Internet applications.

Dr. Paul-Josef Patt

Dr. Paul-Josef Patt is CEO of eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners, a German venture capital company. He has worked as a project manager at Roland Berger & Partner, the leading German strategy consultancy and as director of corporate strategy at Kaufhof Holding, managing the expansion of one of Germany’s biggest retailers. After his successful exit, Patt started working as a business angel and venture capitalist. He took over the lead at eCAPITAL in 2004 and has overseen the company’s impressive growth. He has a strong track record in financing and developing young high-tech companies and as lead investor, initiated the sale of Novaled to Samsung in 2013 – at that time, the largest venture capital deal in the German hi-tech sector. Patt serves on several boards, including sonnen, Jedox AG and Heliatek.

Bernhard Wöbker

Bernhard Wöbker worked as CEO and president at Nixdorf USA during the company’s expansion in the US before moving on to hold leading positions at Pyramid, NeXT and Versant, a listed US enterprise software company. He also worked as a consultant for Warburg Pincus, one of the largest US private-equity investors. Recently, Wöbker headed Munich-based software provider Brainloop. He now serves as chairman of the supervisory board at the business intelligence provider, Jedox.

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