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Oct 28


Univention Previews UCS 3.0 and Unveils Cloud Pricing at Open-Xchange Summit

For those of you who still haven’t registered, here is a another great reason to join us at Open-Xchange Summit in Cologne on November 4.

Summit sponsor, Uninvention, will be one of the most powerful and flexible operating and management systems for corporate IT with its release of Uninvention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.0 expected out early this December. UCS 3.0 is not JUST an enterprise-class operating system (based on Debian GNU/Linux)— it also contains directory, authentication and authorization services, all of which are fully compatible with Microsoft Active Directory. This means that, for example, it can be used to provide domain services for Microsoft Windows 7.


With the powerful combination of a well maintained Linux-distribution with web-based management tools, scripting interfaces and APIs, as well as domain and identity management functions and extensive means to integrate with existing IT environments, UCS is the ideal platform to implement an effective and practical solution for application-delivery. Either out of the cloud, through a system integrator or on-premises, the same flexible runtime and management environment is available for all scenarios.

Come visit us at the Open-Xchange summit and check out a preview of Univention Corporate Server 3.0. Also, make sure you take the opportunity to discuss the new cloud pricing model with Cord Martens, the Head of Sales at Univention. Hope this information has given all of you stragglers a good reason to register for the Summit. And once again, I hope to see you all there.

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