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Sep 20


Native Advertising with OX Display

By Jan Tran, Senior Product Manager Monetization at Open-Xchange

Let’s recap: OX Display allows you to monetize OX products using advertising possibilities. Pre-defined and customizable ad spaces can be configured to flexible publish ads without effecting usability and user experience.

Today we would like to introduce our new native ad format: The Inbox Ad.

This customized format will be placed at the top of the Inbox Mail List; It can be configured via design templates to look like every other email in the mailbox and is ranked in the category “Native Advertisement.”

But what is Native Advertisement? Native advertising is a type of advert that matches the form and function of the platform where it appears. It is an increasingly popular method of reaching audiences with contextual messaging that appears alongside or in-stream with the content. As it blends with the content, it is not disruptive, is better accepted, more engaging and drives better results.


Native Advertising vs. Standard Adverts

Consumers look at native ads 53% more than display ads and if the layout and message fits well, it leads to more attention and clicks.

In our first tests with customers, the Inbox Ad was the best performing ad slot. It has a stable click-through rate of more than 1% compared to standard adverts with an average of 0.1 %.


Native Advertising in a Nutshell

Native ads are created from a number of metadata elements, such as headline, thumbnail image, content URL and short description text. It is perfect for A/B Testing so that advertisers are able to try different elements in order to optimize KPI’s.

Native Advertising works and it’s more effective for advertisers and their campaigns, more valuable for publishers and their monetization strategy, and more accepted and engaged by audiences as it is a non-intrusive advertising format.


Discover exceptional revenue potentials and monetize your customer base with user-friendly advertising powered by OX Display.

For more information, see the OX Display datasheet or contact Open-Xchange for details, specific questions, pricing and more.

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